27 Amazon Prime Benefits You Must Know

In Today post, you will know Amazon Prime benefits in 2020.

In fact, I started using Amazon Prime in 2016 and I am using it happily till now due to its amazing benefits (especially free same-day delivery & prime exclusive savings).

If you are confused, is Amazon prime worth to buy or not?, then check out this post till the end to know all perks that a prime member gets.

Let’s start.

27 Amazon Prime Benefits: Save on Shopping & Entertainment

Amazon Prime is an additional paid subscription by Amazon for its customers. It offers several exciting benefits to Prime members. Benefits can be categorized into 3 Primary types:

  • Amazon E-commerce Benefits.
  • Amazon Prime Video.
  • Music Benefits.

Amazon E-commerce benefits include a number of delivery, cashback and reward benefits which can be availed on the Amazon.

Amazon Prime Video is basically Amazon’s version of Netflix. And then the Music benefits offer music streaming among other benefits.

Let’s list out the primary benefits of Amazon Prime.

Delivery and Shipping Benefits

The primary benefits offered by Amazon. The pillars on which Amazon Prime was primarily built on-

1. Free Same Day Delivery on over 3 Million Items all Year

Get products within hours of ordering them!  The order must be a minimum USD $35.00 and must be ordered within the “same-day delivery counter” shown with the product.

Also, you must order these products to residential addresses. Ordering to commercial or non-residential locations isn’t allowed.

Free Same Day Delivery

2. Free One Day Delivery Over 10 Million Items

Free One Day Delivery allows you to place order thought the day and get your products next day by 9 P.M. No minimum purchase amount is required.

To find Free One Day Delivery eligible items, use “Get it by Tomorrow” filter. Now you will see some items, marked with “Prime Free One day” logo.

If you want to buy anyone from them, you can add them to your cart and place your order. You don’t need to perform any activity to avail free one day delivery facility. Free one day delivery feature will be premarked at checkout time.

Amazon Prime Free One Day Delivery

3. Free Two-Day Delivery Over 100 Million Items

Waiting on ordered items? The wait-time is exponentially shortened with Amazon’s Two-day shipping. Now enjoy free two day delivery over 100 million items. There is no minimum order threshold.

Free Two Day Delivery

4. Prime Day

A sale day just for the Prime Members. You can buy a lot of discounted items if you have a Prime Membership. These deals aren’t available to non-Prime members.

5. “Lightening Deals” and Early Access

We all know how hard it is to get the products we need on Black Fridays, Big Billion Day or other similar sales. Amazon offers 30-minute early access to Prime Members on its Lightening deals. So there you have a head-start!

6. Prime-Exclusive Savings

There are a number of products which have a discounted price, only for Prime Members. If it’s purely monetary Amazon Prime benefits you’re looking for, it doesn’t get any better. While the discounts in my personal opinion aren’t massive, every dollar counts.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Savings

7. Prime Now

Prime Now is a sub-service offered by Amazon Prime. Its prime attraction is the 2-hour delivery it offers from local stores. Even though products of all types and kinds are offered, primarily groceries, food, medicines are ordered through Prime Now. It’s limited to 91 Cities in the U.S for now. New cities and locations are added frequently.

Prime Now

8. Key-in Delivery

You aren’t at your home, and wish the items safely delivered “inside” your house, garage or car. Totally possible with Amazon’s Key-in delivery. Is it safe? Absolutely. Each of these delivery modes have their own security measures, for e.g. you can watch your key-in home delivery live on a camera! Some of these may require additional gadgets (e.g. Amazon Key App, Smart Garage Kit etc).

9. Get Paid for “No Rush” Delivery

This is one of my personal Amazon Prime benefits. How many E-commerce platforms out there pay their customers for being patient? None. Amazon does. Prime members can select “No Rush Shipping” while checking out. This earns them instant discounts, or points which can be used for future purchases. The orders are then delayed by about 6 days which isn’t that long a wait to be honest.

10. Delivery-Day or Amazon Day

Not everyone wants to receive deliveries everyday. Amazon Prime members can select one day in the week, which will be the Delivery day. Everything purchased in the last 7 days is delivered on this specific day. It’s a blessing for very frequent shoppers and keeps things pretty organized as well.

Amazon Day

11. Get Items on their Release-Dates

Everyone wants to be the first on get hands on something new and unique. Amazon  fulfils this need for their Prime members. Prime members can select to receive certain products on the very same day as they’re released. Want the new Assassins Creed Vikings (unofficial name) game when it’s released in 2020 or 2021? It’s just one of the few things you can  pre-order for release-date delivery!

12. 8% Cashback Everyday

(Some) Amazon Prime Members are eligible for a Signature Card. It offers various discounts everyday not just on Amazon purchases, but also on other real-life, offline purchases. Is completely free to obtain.

cashback everyday

13. Dash Buttons

There are items we order  very frequently. Toothpaste, Dog food, Facial creams to name a few. Amazon Prime members get “Dash Buttons” created for these products. A single click is all that’s required to order and receive these products. You also can create dash buttons yourselves for products which aren’t automatically added as Dash buttons.

Food and Grocery Benefits

The following benefits of Amazon Prime are primarily related to Food or Groceries-

14. Amazon Fresh

This is another one of the Amazon Prime perks and available exclusively to Prime Members. It’s basically Amazon’s “Grocery Store”. You can order Groceries, and receive them within 1 or 2 hours at a maximum. Deliveries can be scheduled as well. However note that the program is “invite-only”. Prime Members need to request an invite in order to join Amazon Fresh. It retains past orders for faster product-selection for future purchases, and can be used with Alexa to make buying easier.

Free 2 Hour Grocery Delivery

15. Discount at Whole Foods

Amazon recently acquired Whole Foods. As a result, Amazon Prime members get pocket-friendly discounts when shopping on Whole Foods exclusive to them. The benefits are available both online, or at the offline, physical store.

amazon prime perks

16. Prime Pantry

This is another service offered by Amazon, only to its Prime Members. As the name hints, it’s Amazon’s online Pantry. So low-priced, everyday items such as Groceries, Snacks, Household items can be purchased. Prime members get free shipping on orders above USD $35.00.

17. Amazon-Essentials

It’s for those hardcore shoppers who like to verify the source and reason of each ingredient in a product. Manufacturing plants, quality tests and other such details are included with these products. It primarily sells consumables, such as Proteins, Supplements, vitamins etc. Although Baby wipes and other such everyday products are available as well.

Outfit and Cloth-Related Benefits

If you’re more of a fashion-geek, the following benefits of Amazon Prime are totally for you-

18. Outfit Compare Service

Another Amazon Prime Benefit only available for Prime members is its outfit compare service. You can use it even if the item isn’t purchased from Amazon. You’d need to download the Amazon app, upload your photos with the dress and they’ll tell you what suits better.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

19. Prime Wardrobe

Who said you can’t “try” clothes and outfits when buying online? Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe allows Prime Members to buy outfits and try them for 7-days before making a decision. Outfits can be returned within this 7-day time-frame if you don’t like an item. Although note only Credit Cards can be used to pay on Prime Wardrobe. 

20. Personal Shoppers

This is what puts the Prime members in the “Elite” class. You get personalized and custom curated dresses, shoes and other fashion-items for you. Amazon stylists offer up to 8 suggestions and you can order these without paying anything upfront! These too alike the Prime Wardrobe have a 7-day trial period and can be returned. Currently it’s only available for U.S citizen, and for “Women’s fashion”.

(Audio)Books Early-Access and Borrowing

Bookworm? Amazon Prime has us covered!

21. Kindle-First

Something parallel to the Release-Date feature, Kindle-First allows you to read unreleased books! Well yes, each month 6 unreleased titles are made available exclusively for Amazon Prime members. You can choose one book from these 6 to read before it’s released.

22. Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime allows users to borrow Books and Audiobooks for free. Upto 10 a month. No Kindle required either, they’ve got an iOS and Android app for reading books on both the OS.

Free Amazon Prime Video and Music

Finally, for couch-potatoes like us Amazon Prime is a life-saver.

23. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming service from Amazon. It features both popular shows, as well as “Amazon Originals”. And also allows you to watch latest movies with zero ads. It’s included with the other Amazon Prime benefits and needn’t be paid for additionally.

24. Prime Music

It in a way is Spotify or Apple Music equivalent. You can listed to songs, download them and even use Prime Music with Alexa.

25. Amazon Music Unlimited

A newer service, almost identical to Prime Music. With the difference being that it features more songs, and offers commentary, behind the scenes and other such elements from the artists. Isn’t free, is discounted for Amazon Prime members.

Other Benefits

These are the Amazon Prime benefits which don’t fit in on any of the other categories above.

26. Free Twitch Prime

Twitch is literally the best hub for Gamers. You can stream, watch others stream, download games and get much more done on Twitch. Twitch Prime offers game offers, free additional content for games but most importantly 1 free channel subscription every month.  

27. Unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon Prime users get unlimited cloud storage for Photos and 5GB storage for videos.  Free shipping on prints and expedited shipping is offered as well.

Being honest, the scope of Amazon Prime benefits is so huge I’m still uncertain if everything is covered. I sure hope that’s the case. Either way, these were the 26 prime Prime benefits (best rhyme I’m capable of making) offered by Amazon.

Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial

Amazon offers Prime 30 Day Free Trial. Is it not exciting? You can get all amazon prime perks (mentioned above) for one month without paying any single penny.

If you love it, you can continue. Otherwise you can cancel any time. After 30 days, it will cost you $12.99/month.

Start Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial Right Now

6 Month Free Trial for Student

Good news for students. Yes, Amazon offers 6 month free trial for students. After 6 months, Amazon prime will cost you $6.49/month which you can cancel anytime by adjusting your account setting.

Amazon Prime student offers all amazon prime benefits. But you can’t share benefits with other accounts.

Why are you waiting? Start your 6 Month free trial today and enjoy all benefits of Amazon prime (free & fast delivery, exclusive discounts only for students, 2 million+ songs and more)

Start Your 6 Month Free Trial Right Now

Amazon Prime Pricing

Amazon Prime primarily has three pricing plans:

Amazon Prime Pricing
  • Prime Video Only: USD $8.99/month.
  • Monthly: USD $12.99/month.
  • Annual: USD $119/year.

The bottom two plans have the exact same features. The pricing differs only based on the pricing-cycle.

If you’re a student, grab free Amazon Prime Subscription for 6-months. Even after that, It costs just USD $6.49/month.

If you have a valid EBT/Medicaid Card, then Amazon Prime costs you $5.99/month. Click here to grab this opportunity.

Although there are some questions related to the benefits of Amazon Prime which I believe should be explained.

FAQS about Amazon Prime Benefits

The following details are generally in the fine-print of the above features. Clarifying them will help you understand these benefits of Amazon Prime better.

#1. Why does the Same-Day Delivery option Disappear on Certain Items?

It generally happens when you add multiple units of the same item to cart. When this happens, reduce the quantities of the items or try again at a later time. When multiple units are available for shipping same-day, the option wouldn’t disappear anymore.  

#2. Can you buy Amazon Prime Video exclusively?

Yes. Amazon Prime Video can be purchased for a lower price, without you having to purchase the entire Amazon Prime Package. It’s void of any other benefits such as shipping or delivery.

#3. What is the Difference between Prime Wardrobe and Prime Personal Shopper?

Personal Shopper offers customized and personalized suggestions. Prime Wardrobe is more like the “trial” feature, which is available in both the services. In other words, Prime Wardrobe is more or less Prime Personal Shoppers, minus the personalized suggestions.

#4. Can you return Prime Wardrobe items After the 7-day Return Period?

Fortunately yes. These items will be covered under the general fashion-return policies of Amazon. There may be cases when the returns aren’t accepted, but in most cases a return is possible.

#5. Payment for Prime Wardrobes.

Prime Wardrobes can’t be paid for using anything else except Credit Cards. Even though payments aren’t pre-charged, they’re charged once items are checked out (or not returned).

Concluding Words on Amazon Prime Benefits

So those were all the benefits of Amazon Prime we could list folks. Do you think it’s worth USD $119.00/year? That would be a completely personal decision.

But in my personal opinion, the extensive delivery and shipping benefits along with Amazon Prime Video alone is more than appealing to me.

 Do let us know if these Amazon Prime benefits did entice you, or you’ve a difference of opinion?

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