Yoast SEO + SEMrush Integration: The 20 billion deal!

Yoast SEMrush Integration

Yoast SEO and SEMrush recently partnered up. What this means for users like me and you is, we can now do our Keyword research right from the WordPress editor. Do you need keyword metrics for related keywords? Or, maybe you need a list of additional related keywords to add to your content? See how popular/not … Read more

Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

Things to Know Before Starting a blog

Here is an ultimate list of things to know before starting a blog in 2020. If you want to start a blog and looking for advice on starting a blog, then you will love this new article.  Let’s start with- “You’ll (probably) fail”. I do not mean to be negative or pessimistic, it’s just what “generally” happens … Read more

Benefits of Blogging for Business in 2020 and Beyond

Benefits of Blogging for Business

The benefits of blogging for business in 2020 are often either ignored, missed, or just neglected. Go on, Netflix and Chill on your couch while your competitor skyrockets their businesses via “blog posts”. Literally. Why believe my words? You shouldn’t. How about a real-life case-study of a company called Marconet, which got itself over 2500% … Read more

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit: The Ultimate Guide

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit review

The SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit is a life saver if you’ve ever struggled with “content”. By “content”, I mean any aspect of it. Be it finding new topics to write about, auditing existing content, tracking an article’s performance or just optimizing a piece of content to perfection. Although, it goes far beyond just these uses. … Read more