20 Best Paid And Free Lightroom Presets

These free Lightroom presets allow you to improve landscapes, portraits, street images as well as photos from weddings and trips in one click. You can make pictures lighter or darker, fix contrast, saturation, and apply an artistic filter. These presets make batch editing of JPG and RAW images more convenient.

20 Free Lightroom Presets for Photographers 

These presets are suitable for Lightroom Desktop and Mobile versions. Download, unzip, install the tools and start testing them on your photos. Thanks to this Adobe Lightroom presets collections you will spend less time on image editing and the quality of the final photo will be twice better.

1. Wedding Complete Collection of Lightroom Presets

Wedding Complete Lightroom Presets

Use presets from this collection to add pink shades to wedding pictures, enhance brightness and naturalness in photos. These filters improve photos taken both outdoors and indoors. The set contains 400 professional presets in the .lrtemplate and .xmp formats. Get this package with a 72% discount.

2. Free HDR Lightroom Presets

Free HDR Lightroom Presets

This set includes 10 free Lightroom presets that allow you to create a realistic HDR effect. You can adjust color tones, intensity and saturation, set the white balance in one click. In this collection you will find presets that will make landscape photos brighter, architecture pictures will look sharper and vacation shots will become more interesting.

3. Majestic Landscape Lightroom Presets
Majestic Landscape Lightroom Presets

 This collection was designed to enhance landscape and travel photos. You can make the sky azure, add a pinkish tone to the clouds and strengthen emerald tones. The set consists of 30 presets. Besides, it contains a bonus – 70 black and white plug-ins. The cost of the collection today is $15. A 74% discount is valid for a day.

4. Free Wedding Lightroom Presets
wedding lightroom presets

You can get this collection of wedding Ps presets free of charge. It has 10 filters that will help add cold shades to the photo, turn a cloudy day into a sunny one or create a vintage effect.

5. Cinematic Colors Lightroom Presets
Cinematic Colors Lightroom Presets

 Is it impossible to take a photo that resembles frames from a movie? Experiment with this collection of 40 presets to achieve a cinematic effect. Here you can find brown effects, tools for applying cold tones and more. With one click, you can get a frame from a western or romantic comedy.

6. Free Portrait Lightroom Presets
portrait lightroom presets

Add contrast sun glare to portrait photos using a free collection of fashion portrait presets. Choose a suitable free Adobe preset and your pictures will look professional with the perfect color scheme and a specific atmosphere.

 7. Newborn Pro Lightroom Presets
newborn pro lightroom presets

This bundle of 40 presets includes tools to adjust brightness and give a baby’s skin a natural tone. Children photos will become tender, brighter and can become the centerpiece of your portfolio. The collection has a bonus of 42 Lightroom brushes.

8. Free Mobile Lightroom Presets

mobile lightroom presets

This collection includes 10 free presets designed specifically for the Lr Mobile version. You can change the hue in pictures for social networks, add light to photos or slightly darken the image.

Tools are available in .dng, .xmp and .lrtemplate formats. In the complete collection of Mobile Presets (http://fixthephoto.com/updateland/mobile-presets) you will find more tools for editing travel photos, food shots, portraits, etc. on your smartphone.

9. Real Estate Lightroom Presets

real estate lightroom presets

 This preset package is designed for real estate photographers. Here you will find near 120 presets. Use the filters to change the lighting in the photo, transform faded tones into more saturated ones, boost sharpness, etc. The regular price is $130. But if you get the discount, you need to pay just $46.

 10. Underwater Photography Lightroom Presets

underwater photography lightroom presets

Add deep tones to underwater shots by applying one of these 30 presets from the collection. Your images will acquire bright shades and light touches, the composition will become more eye-pleasing.

11. Free Matte Lightroom Presets

matte lightroom presets

 Add a matte effect to portraits or baby photos. This collection has 130 presets that add depth to dark shades and create a nostalgic mood. Your photos will look as if printed on a matte paper. You can get this pack with a 75% discount.

12. HDR Real Estate Lightroom Presets

HDR Real Estate Lightroom Presets

To make real estate photos attractive to customers, they must be vibrant and realistic at the same time. The collection of 40 free Lightroom presets will help create HDR photos without using expensive software. The picture will become expressive and attention-grabbing.

13. Must-Have Collection of Lightroom Presets for Beginners

Must-Have Collection of Lightroom Presets for Beginners

 By downloading the collection, you get 1432 tools to enhance images from any event. You can brighten photos from a street photoshoot, emphasize the depth of green tones in nature images or add blue tones to fashion pictures. By the way, this collection is also available at a 75% discount. You can save $206.

14. Black &White Essential Lightroom Presets

Black and White Essential Lightroom Presets

 You can turn pictures into black and white compositions in one click by downloading this Lightroom preset pack. You will receive 70 presets for editing wedding, children and family photos. Try to make pictures more attractive by changing their color scheme to black and white.

15. Luxe Wedding Lightroom Presets

Luxe Wedding Lightroom Presets

 This bundle contains 230 filters for professional image editing and batch wedding photo color correction. You can make pictures of the first newlyweds’ dance lighter and restore the natural shades of wedding photos taken against the beautiful landscape background. This collection comes with a 75% discount, so you can get it just for $30.

16. Product Photography Lightroom Presets 

product photography lightroom presets

A set of 40 Lightroom presets was created to enhance product photos. You can make the item more interesting for potential buyers by changing the color scheme or adjusting saturation.

17. Entire Collection of Lightroom Presets

The collection consists of 2067 presets for professional photographers. These filters are suitable for enhancing photographs of real estate, newborn, wedding photographs, street images and others. Now, you can get it with a 75% discount.

18. Interior Photography Lightroom Presets

Interior Photography Lightroom Presets 

 If you often photograph the interior of apartments and houses, this Adobe preset package will help you improve the pictures. You will get 40 presets, 10 brushes and 10 mobile presets. The presented tools will help you make photos brighter and emphasize the necessary details.

19. Vintage Love Lightroom Presets

Vintage Love Lightroom Presets

You can change the mood in romantic or wedding images using presets from the Vintage Love collection. These 60 Lightroom presets will add a vintage effect to photos. You will get pictures with natural light and deep tones.

20. Winter Lightroom Presets

These presets help make winter shots more realistic. The bundle includes 40 presets for adding snowflakes and 10 Lightroom brushes of realistic falling snow. Today you can download the presented collection with a 75% discount. It costs only $22.

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