How VPNs are Changing Marketing Industry

VPNs are widely known for their ability to give you an added layer of protection via encryption and IP address masking. However, that’s not all they do. Digital marketers have found ways to use this smart piece of technology to transform the way products and services are marketed online.

With a reliable VPN, marketers are now able to perform critical activities that they were once unable to. From aiding research into competitors to improving digital marketing results, the impact of VPN on the marketing industry cannot be overlooked. Check out for some general reasons on why you need a VPN.

This article explores how VPNs are changing the marketing industry especially in terms of how they can help marketers improve campaign results.

4 ways a VPN improves your marketing results

Depending on your business needs, a VPN can have little or major impacts to your marketing results. The following are some of the benefits that digital marketers stand to gain when using a VPN.

1. Enhanced productivity

One of the most relevant benefits you may enjoy while using a VPN as a digital marketer is the enhanced productivity it offers you and your team. A VPN can help you remotely gain access to your enterprise’s data or network from anywhere worldwide or from any device. The ability to use a VPN to remotely access your enterprise’s network from anywhere globally also means you can remotely work from any location. This kind of flexibility allows you to continue working on vital projects or assignments at any time.

2. Improved SEO ranking

You’re probably wondering how this is possible and we’ll tell you why. There are so many ways in which a VPN aids SEO. For instance, in order to properly target your ads, you’ll need to understand what your potential audience is searching for. By using a VPN to change your location, you should be able to effectively trick Google into showing “searches near you”.

Another instance where VPNs help improve SEO is with specialists or marketers who reside in a location where access to some tools or web services is restricted. VPNs essentially allow digital marketers globally to access the tools needed to help improve their clients’ SEO rankings.

3. Analyze your competitors’ strategies without restrictions

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, the importance of remaining one step ahead of your competitors cannot be overemphasized. As a marketer, you can effectively use a VPN to discover how your competitors are marketing their products in other cities and develop a more suitable response in your marketing plan.

Using a VPN will enable you to observe and analyze your competitors’ strategies, keywords, users and even their approach towards targeted ads. In the past, businesses would have struggled to gain such valuable insights into their competitors’ marketing activities but that’s changing now.

4. Access Blocked Sites

Whether it’s for research or for marketing tools, VPNs can help marketers access services they would have otherwise  been restricted from accessing. They can also allow marketing experts access essential information remotely via a VPN tunnel connected to their enterprise.

2 ways in which VPNs hinder your marketing results

Like all things, there are also ways in which a VPN can negatively affect your marketing results. We’ve highlighted the top two reasons below.

Additional layer of encryption may reduce website speed

VPNs work by encrypting your web traffic and also masking your real IP address. As a result, some VPNs can reduce your website speed and load times. This reduction in website speed could eventually negatively affect user experience and increase exits and bounce rates.

There are however VPNs with little or no effect on your website loading speed. This issue is a major concern as search engines like Google typically consider speed as a parameter for SEO ranking.

You may struggle to track campaign’s reach effectively

While this may not necessarily happen anytime soon, the rising popularity of VPNs among regular users means it’s possible. Imagine if everyone suddenly started using VPNs to access your web services. Such a situation would simply mean that everyone you would struggle to understand where your users or clients are actually accessing your service from. You would be unable to track the true success or reach of your campaigns in such a scenario.

The bottom line

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, VPNs will continue to remain a vital addition to any marketer’s toolbox. While the effects on your marketing efforts may not be tangible depending on your needs, the impact it can have should not be ignored.

The future will see more marketing departments or agencies relying on VPNs to not only gain insights into their campaigns are received in different parts of the world, but also for improving productivity through remote connections. showcases some of the best VPNs available in the market.

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