20 Sites to Get Paid to Write Articles

Today, you will know best sites to get paid to write articles in 2020.

If you are a freelancer writer and looking for best writing websites that pay for writing online, this list is for you.

Let’s get started with the list.

20 Sites to Get Paid to Write Articles for 2020

In fact, Some websites offer all niche and some specific niche so choose wisely.

1. The Dollar Stretcher – One of Best Blog Sites that Pay to Write


The Dollar Stretcher is a group of publications concentrated on publishing articles on frugal living. Their motto is “Live Better…for Less“.

The Dollar Stretcher is an established website in its niche with a history of about 20+ years. It was started the journey of teaching people to live better for less, back in 1996.

They also publish guest posts on websites and also accept articles for the print version. Mostly, you will get paid for print version. If you hardly want any link to your online content, they are happy to pay for that too.

The word count may range from 500 to 800 words.

Niche:– Frugal living

Payment:- 0.1 per word (That is $50 for a 500 words article)

Payment Method:– Check and Paypal as well

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

2. About.com


Most probably, this one is the toughest website to accept you as their writer. If you are an internet savvy and have a habit of searching the web, I bet you have visited this site at least once.

About.com is a set of sub-websites that deal with a set of topics. I have found more than 50 topics on their apply page. So, you will not be desperate without seeing your favourite subject there. Almost every niche is included.

Sadly you can’t be their writer if you are under 18 years of age.

Niche:- Almost everything

Payment:- Unknown (Most probably $50 per 800 words)

Payment Method:– Unknown

Quick Links:Homepage

3. Listverse – Get Paid to Write Viral Content


List type articles do well on internet. That’s the primary reason for the success of Listverse. You don’t have to be an expert in any field to get your article published on Listverse. According to them, you only need the passion for writing and a sense to use English well.

They need articles of 1500 words with at least 10 bulletin points. And the amount you will be getting is way more than your ordinary client pays you. Yeah!! It’s a whopping $100 (be ready to read the next item in this article).

You may get further writing opportunities from Listverse itself as it gets read by more than 15 million people a month. If any of them wants a writer and finds your content worthy, they will contact you without a second thought. If you are looking best website to get paid to write online, Listverse can be good choice.

Niche:- Anything that goes viral

Payment:- $100 for 1500 words

Payment Method:- Paypal and Bitcoin

Quick links:- Homepage, Apply

4. Ceramics.org


Ceramics.org is another fantastic source to get paid for writing. You have to be a niche specific writer to submit drafts for this website because they want content related to practical uses of ceramics. They have both print version and a blog as well.

In their own words ‘By “ceramics,” we are referring to a general category of fairly advanced materials used in anything from semiconductors to solar cells to batteries to cookware. This includes glass, minerals and fairly “ordinary” materials, such as cement, concrete, brick and refractory brick.

If you have expertise in artistic side of ceramics, you can submit your works on ceramicartsdaily.com. You will be amazed to hear their payment for a single article.

It’s $950!! OMG!! Time to research on this topic, right?

Niche:- Ceramics

Payment:- $350 for 1000 words and $950 for 5000 words

Payment Method:- Unknown

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

5. Funds for Writers – Get Paid To Write Freelance writing tutorials


Just like you are reading here the list of websites that can be used to get paid to write reviews and articles, there are many who wants writing advices. In return, you get paid for your opinion.

Funds for Writers is a blog providing tips and tutorial to kick start and improve freelance writing careers. If you are a freelance writer who started earning bit by bit, you may have a lot of lessons from your experience to share.

What if your experiences can be an extraordinary blog post? Does it suck if you get paid for that article?

FFW wants articles with at least 500 words (at most 600) on writing tips. You will be paid within a week of publication.

I am sure you will love this since you are getting paid and earn fame to share your own experience.

Niche:- Freelance writing tutorials

Payment:- $45- 50

Payment Method:- Check and Paypal

Quick Links:- Home Page, Apply

6. College Humor – Getting Paid to Write Viral Content 


I have a lot of blogger friends who owns anonymous viral content blogs. It’s the latest trend in blogging. They regularly posts funny and viral videos to grab hell lots of traffic from social media.

They not only accept articles but also videos and pictures too. College Humor has a dedicated section for pictures (picture galleries, as they call it). You can submit both the articles and a bunch of pictures (that would together make a perfect gallery).

Mostly, they concentrate on funny type of articles. At first you need to submit a pitch. If it gets approved, their editorial team will help you to come up with a perfect end product.

College Humor is a good choice for fun loving.  I think it is fun more than getting paid to write articles (when you get paid to write funny type articles.)

Niche:- Viral content

Payment:- $35 for a single page article and $50 for multi pages

$25 for a gallery of 15 pictures and $35 for the one with 25 pics

Payment Method:- Unknown

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

7. Writers Weekly – Make Money Writing Online


Writers Weekly is not a blog that help you to get paid to write articles. But it’s a paid online magazine being delivered to freelancers every Wednesday.

As you are a freelance writer (or want to be one), you know the worries and struggles of a writer who wants to make money from home. If you can pour your experience in the form of an article, which helps others to make money out of their writing, Writers Weekly cordially welcomes you to be their writer.

You should send a query first instead of the article attachment.

Using this site you are not only getting paid to write articles online but also getting lots of blessing from those who will read your articles and get success in writing job.

Niche:- Get paid to write

Payment:- $60 for 600 words

Payment Method:- Paypal and check (only for US residents)

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

8. Make a Living Writing – Get Paid for Writing Articles


I bet you heard this name before. Make a Living Writing is a reputed blog in the field of freelance writing. One of the top notch writers in the world is the admin there. It’s none other than Carol Tice.

If you think your write up would help other writers to boost up their freelance writing career, you can send us a topic idea to Carol. And she is very strict with her terms and conditions. So, never ever send her prewritten content.

At first, send her a pitch and let her accept your topic suggestion. Then only, you are allowed to write and get paid.

Freelance Writing is the favorite niche for many writers if you are one of them, no doubt, Make a Living Writing will be your first choice to get paid for writing online.

Niche:- Freelance writing

Payment:- $75- 100

Payment Method:- Paypal

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

9. Smashing Magazine – Get Paid to Write Web designing and developing Articles


Smashing Magazine is one of the top blogs for web designers and developers. So, you need to be an expert in this field to come up with something valuable.

As they get nearly a million page views per month, you will get a huge exposure (that may eventually lead to more writing opportunities). And, the ice on the cake is, you will get paid instantly for every accepted article.

They don’t have a specific price to word count ratio. If you submit them something worthy, you can expect a good pay. Else, your content will be gone to their spam folder.

if you are web designer or developer, and looking for easy ways to make money from home then Smashing Magazine is the best resource for you. It deserves 9th place into get paid to write articles and reviews sites list.

Niche:- Web designing and developing

Payment:- Depends on the content quality

Payment Method:- Unknown

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

10. Theme Forest – Write Web Design and Web Development Articles and Get Paid


Theme Forest offers good opportunity to get paid to write articles. Do you have a WordPress blog? If you do, you might have come across this word at least once. Theme Forest provides premium WordPress templates at reasonable cost.

They do have a blog like every other reputable company. Just like the former item I shared (Smashing Magazine), Theme Forest’s blog also deals with web design and web development topic.

Even if you don’t know coding, you can create excellent write-ups related to web designing and get paid to write online. You only have to be aware of the impact good design has on visitors.

Niche:- Web design and web development

Payment:- $100

Payment Method:- Paypal and Moneybookers

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

11. Tuts – Get Paid for Writing Coding Articles


Tuts+ is a part of Envato network which has many tutorial subsidiaries. If you are a passionate developer who thinks coding is the happiest thing in the world, you can get paid to write articles here.

Simply being an awesome coder is not enough. You need to know how to explain complicated things in simple words.

Envato not only allows you to get paid for writing articles, but you can get paid to create online courses also. But you should have a decent pronunciation and screen sense as well.

PSD Tuts+, Vector Tuts+ and Audio Tuts+ are also the parts of Envato (now, all of them are coiled under Tuts+).

Niche:- Coding

Payment:- Up to $150

Payment Method:- Paypal/ Moneybookers

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

12. Crazy Leaf Design – Get Paid to Write Articles


Are you a web designer who is striving hard to get good project proposals? Do you think you can design awesome web properties? If you have the answer yes to both of these questions, you can start writing for Crazy Leaf Design.

As the name suggests, they publish articles primarily on the web and graphic designing. They also have a dedicated top 10 section you can write on if you don’t like the design niche.

I have checked their article submission guideline page, and there are no mentions about the remuneration. They want a 500 words article with at least three images.

You should be aware of the document type before sending. Only HTML, pdf and doc types are accepted. And, for pictures, they prefer jpg and gif.

If the images are copyrighted, they will avoid your article from being published. And, don’t forget to convert the pictures and document into a single file by a zipping application.

Niche:- Designing

Payment:- Unspecified

Payment Method:- Paypal

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

13. Photoshop Tutorials – Write Articles for Money 


Adobe’s Photoshop is being used by millions of people, both newbies and professionals. If you are an expert in Photoshop or you have got a unique Photoshop trick, you can easily earn a decent amount of money by sharing the same with the readers of Photoshop Turorials.

They accept three four types of content, articles, roundups, tutorials and quick tips. The biggest advantage is not the money you get, but the exposure it brings. You can brand yourself as a Photoshop expert through their website. And, it can easily bring you some potential clients.

If you want to be featured on Photoshop Tutorials, you have to fill a form with the result of your tutorial. They will inform you whether your entry is selected or not.

Niche:- Photoshop tutorials

Payment:- $50 for quick tip, $150- 300 for full tutorial and $25- 50 for article

Payment Method:- Unknown

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

14. Viator Travel Blog – Get Paid to Write Articles


Are you an avid traveler? Do you love writing travelogues?

Then, you can make it a job to earn a living. Viator’s travel blog is in search of awesome writers who can immerse readers in their travel experiences. If you are a writer who loves travelling, I hope you will get paid to write articles for Viator Travel Blog.

They need well- written and informative articles written in such a way to entertain their readers and encourage them to visit a particular place. You don’t have to write a lengthy article to get paid. If written well, a 350 words write- up is enough for Viator.

Sometimes, freelancers write on other websites for free. Don’t you know that? It’s for achieving brand recognition. You can also do the same on Viator Travel Blog with a guest post.

Niche:- Travelling

Payment:- $100- 150 for a 1000- 2000 words content and $40- 45 for 300- 500 words

Payment Method:- Unknown

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

15. App Storm – Get Paid to Write Reviews & Tutorials


Ever since Android platform went viral, the word app became common in our daily talks. Applications aka apps enhance the usability of a device be it Android, iOS, Windows or Mac.

Applications provide us many things that the default OS can’t. If you are a typical Android app lover like me, you download apps often. Before downloading any app, I will read reviews on the app store itself. Or I will do a Google search to read an in-depth review.

Many of the people follow the same method. So, application reviews have an excellent chance to be widely read. App Storm is a platform that publishes app reviews, tutorials and how-to articles often.

If you think you can contribute with awesome content, there’s nothing to stop you from being their writer.

To be their writer, you should fill a form with some details.

Niche:- Applications (Android, iOS, Windows and Mac)

Payment:- $60 per post

Payment Method:- Unspecified

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

16. UX Booth – Make Money Writing Online


Who does love a clumsy website with ugly UI?

That’s the reason behind this website. UX Booth is a website where the articles on user- friendliness are being published every day.

UX Booth has a detailed contribute page with a lot of guidelines. That means, getting accepted by them is not a walk in the park. You need to research well and come up with an epic content to get paid to write articles on UX Booth.

Rather than explaining stuff, they like you to demonstrate them. That means UX Booth prefers examples than mere words.

UX Booth website has no mentions about the payment. But Writers in Charge website has provided a count. That’s what I am sharing here.

Niche:- User experience

Payment:- $100 for 1200- 1800 words

Payment Method:- Paypal

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

17. World Start- Write Articles and Get Paid 


World Start is another best website to get paid to write articles online for the tech savvy.

Have you ever thought about the number of blogs live on the web? Of all what’s the popular topic?

My researches showed that the popular niche in blogging is nothing but technology. The reasons are evident that tech field is being updated daily. And our generation is more inclined towards it.

But let me tell you one thing. Tech niche is overcrowded. So, you have to be experienced and hardworking to make wonders out of it.

Let me ask you one thing. What if you can make money from the tech niche itself even if you don’t have a blog?

World Start helps you to get paid to write tech articles. They want innovative content every day. So, you can try your luck with them.

Along with the incentive, you will get a link to your website as well.

Niche:- Computer tips

Payment:-  Approximately 250 words-$15.00
Approximately 400 words-$20.00
Approximately 600 words-$30.00
Maximum length is approximately 800 words-$35.00

Payment Method:- Paypal and check (non- US residents)

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

18. Scary Mummy – Get Paid To Write Parenting Articles


Being a parent is not an easy task. You have to be extra- patient that you may not be able to sleep properly at night just because your baby cries. And even if he/ she becomes grown up, you should care them.

Nowadays, people are so busy that they don’t get time to care about themselves. Everyone is running for one thing; that’s nothing but money. But they never know how their children grow.

Scary Mummy is a parenting blog where you can find tips to be a good parent. If you think you are the best parent your children can ever get, your experience will be a lesson for every parent. Share the same with Scary Mummy to earn money writing and exposure.

Scary Mummy may be the best choice for parents to get paid to write articles online.

Niche:- Parenting

Payment:- $100 for 900 words or less

Payment Method:- Unspecified

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

19. Techopedia – Get Paid to Write Reviews & Articles


Here comes another tech site to get paid to write reviews and articles.

But Techopedia is not a typical tech blog that covers every single tech topic. They are selective of the categories on their website. The main categories are big data, online privacy and security.

They don’t want you to send the article directly. Instead, a pitch is needed to be sent. If they accept it, you will get the green signal to craft the blog post.

Niche:- Technology

Payment:- Unknown

Payment Method:- Unspecified

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

20. WOW- Women on Writing – Get Paid to Write Online


Writing can be a profession and a hobby too. Those who convert their hobby to profession will never have to work hard because they are not doing work, but the hobby.

Anyway, Women on Writing concentrates on articles that emphasize on women topics. You can write content on writing, but you should make sure that it has a direct relation to women also. For example, ‘7 Successful Female Writers who Built Their own Freelance Castle’ may be a topic.

Niche:- Writing and women

Payment:- Twenty Questions:  $50
How 2 (1,500 – 2,000 Words): $75
Inspiration (1,500 – 2,000 Words): $75
Feature Interviews (up to 3,000 Words): $75
Feature Articles (up to 3,000 Words): $150

Payment Method:- Paypal or check

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

21. Make Tech Easier – Get Paid to Write Technology Stuff


Currently, Make Tech Easier wants Windows 8, WordPress and Linux writers. If you have expertise in any of the fields I have mentioned, you are free to submit your work to them.

But make sure that you are a fulltime user of the particular product about which you want to write. For example, you need to be a fulltime Windows 8 user to write on Windows 8 tips and tutorials and so on.

Niche:- Technology

Payment:- Unknown

Payment Method:- Unknown

Quick Links:- Homepage, Apply

Are You Ready to Get Paid to Write Articles?

I have given you a long list of 21 websites to get paid to write. You have to be selective of the website to submit your work. Don’t with the one that offers higher payment.

You should write a post on the topic you have a genuine interest in. Then, submit the same to that site that features articles on your favourite subject.

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