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Today I started Interview Series at UpdateLand to provide successful blogger’s views about blogging like how to become successful blogger, How to earn more money with your blog, how to know what your audience want etc to my readers. I hope you will learn lot from this and enjoy this interview. I stared this series with Ankit since for me he is blogging king. He is one of the most popular blogger in India. It’s my pleasure to take interview of Ankit who believes in providing value to your audience and building relationship with his audience. Now we are with Successful Blogger Ankit Kumar Singla at Master Blogging.

Blogging King Ankit
Ankit Kumar Singla

Jyoti Chauhan: Please introduce yourself to our readers. Can you tell us something about your blogging journey. How and when did you enter into blogging?

Ankit Singla: Hello Jyoti, first of all I would like to thank you for giving me this honor.
I’m Ankit from India and a full time blogger. I am currently working with my major blog “BloggerTipsTricks” to nourish the newbie bloggers.
I have been blogging since 4 years and I love it. I attended a seminar in those days where I actually came to know about Websites and Google Adsense. I did a lot of research on these matters and created my first blog on ‘Google Blogger’. When I started BTT in back 13 Feb 2013, I managed it on for 6 months and then I migrated it to self hosted domain to endure as a professional blogger.

Jyoti Chauhan: Who are your blogging role models?

Ankit Singla: Truly speaking, I have not inspired by anyone to do blogging. My online activities and interest in blogs pushed me to create a space for my blog in the blogosphere.

Jyoti Chauhan: Which blog do you mostly read?

Ankit Singla: In my earlier days of blogging, I used to visit regularly. But after I’ve moved my blog to WordPress, I show my regular presence on the active blogs like ShoutMeLoud and Quicksprout and I am pleased with the work of those founders.

Jyoti Chauhan: Which websites do you use to syndicate your blog post?

Ankit Singla: I believe Social media is the best source for blog posts syndication. Like other bloggers, I do promote my blog posts on the popular social networks and few blogging communities.
You can read more about my blog post syndication methods in one of my blog articles where I talked about the Top 4 Non-Nonsense Places to Share Blog Posts.

I have found your blogs in Google Search so many times, Which tricks do you use to index your blog post in Google fast? 

Eventhough I named my blog “Blogger Tips Tricks”, I never applied any tricks to make my blog posts get index faster in search engines. I trust On-page SEO and I like to do it with care. I fix internal links with proper anchor text and perform social promotion & blog commenting.

How much time do you spend to your blog daily?

I already told you that am a full time blogger and spend most of the time with my blog. I would also like to help the newbie bloggers and do SEO and WordPress installation work for clients.

What is your SEO superpower in 2014?

I want to tell you that am not a SEO expert. I do basic optimization techniques for my blog posts and never try to please the search engines by keyword stuffing. If you know how to target your audience then I would say that your half of the work is over. Then, if you know what to write and where to promote, you have no need to worry about the weird algorithms of Google. Focus on genuine things and forget about the rest!

Can you tell us something about Indiblogger Event which was held in Delhiin last days?

I’m not going to appreciate that event as it was not meant for blogging. But the thing I loved in that event is the concept of getting the new ideas. Event was “Your Wish is My APP” where they were collecting ideas from common people. The same concept we can implement in Blogging. Ask your readers about their requirements either on social media fan pages or by firing an email newsletter to them and write articles to those topics. This is not only to get targeted traffic, it would help you to get royal readership too. Sorry if it is going out topic but I love blogging and always keep my eyes glued to get new strategies to implement.

Please tell us killer blogging tips that really work? 

We all know about the value of quality content, search engine optimization and social media promotion to get success in Blogging. But I’m not going to talk about the same. I always recommend my readers and friends to build good relationship with influential and pro bloggers. It is the best and quick way to learn about the blogging success.

What will you want to recommend our blog readers to make their blogging journey successful? 

No one can get the success if he / she didn’t actually deserve. You have to find the way which can make you unique from the crowd.  What I have learned in my blogging journey is, if you want to become successful, do help others. You can’t go the long run without a network. Don’t just promote your blogs but promote yourself as a professional blogger. Help other bloggers by sharing their contents on your network and this would build relationship with them. If you do so, then no one could stop you to make a successful blogging career.
I’m thankful to all who read my replies with patience. I hope it’ll make some sense on Jyoti’s blog. Speak with me in the comment section. Happy Blogging Hopefully You enjoyed this interview with Ankit. A big thanks to accept my interview request at my blog and give his valuable time. Share this inspirational interview with your friends and followers at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc

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