Best Free Proxy Sites List

Here are 10 best proxy sites to access blocked websites and surfing web anonymously for free in 2020. Some proxy websites also support YouTube, Facebook and other popular platforms. Yes, you are able to watch all blocked YouTube videos and use Facebook anonymously.

Best part of this list?

I shared detailed description about every proxy site which will give you idea about proxy servers location and other features like allowing/disallowing encrypted URLs, cookies, scripts, and objects etc. Ready to explore the list?

10 Best Free Proxy Sites

Here we go:

1. Proxy Site

This proxy site offers you US and EU server. Currently, it has 25 servers which you can use in free. It supports Youtube, Facebook, Reddit and many other popular platforms. Yes, you can watch blocked YouTube videos with the help of this proxy website.


2. Hide Me Proxy is very popular proxy site on the web for its great features and services. When come to proxy website, it comes to popup first into my mind. Since it is in privacy games from a long time. Hide Me proxy provides you 3 location Netherlands, Germany, USA. Some other options are available like allow cookies, encrypt URL, encrypt page, remove scripts and remove objects which you can select according to your requirement.


3. Hidester

Hidester is a simple, safe, fast and reliable web proxy on the web. It offers you US & Europe servers which you can choose according to your requirement when you begin a session. It also gives you freedom over allowing/disallowing cookies, encrypted URLs, scripts & objects either you begin a session or you are browsing a website unlike other free proxy sites.


4. KProxy

KProxy has its own extension for Chrome and Firefox. It offers 10 servers but no information about server locations. KProxy claims it is 100% safe and you can access most of websites with this. KProxy is free to use and it doesn’t require registration. It also offers premium plan.


5. VPNBook

VPNBook is another free web proxy website which lets you unblock YouTube, Facebook and other popular sites. Also here you have 4 countries servers (US, UK, FR and Canada) to choose from. It is simple to use, enter URL and choose desired proxy server location and then hit Go button. Here you don’t have control on things like removing scripts, disallowing cookies and removing objects etc.


6. Whoer Web Proxy

Whoer Web Proxy claims it has proxy servers in multiple countries but when I reviewing, I found only two servers from same country Netherland. Even it shows ads on the site you visit which covers some area of website. In this term, KProxy is far better than this.


7. MegaProxy

MegaProxy is next mention in the list of best proxy sites. It provides you control over OS & browser user agent, HTTP referrer information and internet cookies. Also, it lets you remove advertisements from webpages and limit animated images upto 2 iterations.

But here you don’t have freedom to choose server locations and it doesn’t offer any information about sever locations. It only allows you to view 60 web pages in 5 hour and download maximum 200 KB size file.

It lacks in supporting streaming media, web authentication, TCP port restrictions, usage of HTTP ‘’Post’’ (can’t submit forums or sign in into remote sites).


8. Zend2

Zends supports Facebook & YouTube (access all blocked videos). Here you have no option to choose servers. Here you have full control in disabling/enabling encrypted URLs & pages, cookies, scripts, and objects while you start a session.


9. Hide My Ass Proxy

Hide My Ass Proxy lets you browse web anonymously in free. Here you get 6 proxy servers to choose. Even it lets you change sever while browsing unlike other free proxy websites. With this proxy site, you can’t stream media content, play games, access blocked websites. Speed seems good. It is also simple to use like other proxy sites.


10. Zalmos

Zalmos web proxy offers your France and Netherland servers and gives you full freedom to choose. Apart from browsing web anonymously, you can watch blocked videos also and it doesn’t affect your connection speed.

It’s easy to use, no registration required. Enter website name into the bat and hit click me option. If you are from country like China, Pakistan, Sudan and many more and want to access YouTube and other blocker websites, Zalmos is a good proxy site for you.


11. is another source that helps you hiding you IP address and accessing internet anonymously. Its proxy server is located in US. You can enable or disable cookies, scripts & objects either you start a session or browsing website. It doesn’t work with YouTube currently.

Facebook, Twitter and other major platform you can easily with this proxy website at good internet speed.


12. FilterBypass

FilterBypass is highly secured, user friendly, fast & reliable free anonymous web proxy. It lets you bypass internet filters and supports all streaming platforms like YouTube & Dailymotion. Furthermore, it allows you to unblock social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other popular websites.

Also, it lets you delete cookies, remove objects & scripts, encrypt URL & page like other free proxy sites. Here is no information about proxy servers. Overall, it is a good unblock Youtube proxy site.


AnonyMouse –

Dontfilter –

Here free proxy sites list ends. Now it is your turn to choose best one and enjoy anonymous suffering. I keep updating this list to provide you best working proxy websites. If you have any query, drop a comment now.

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