15 Best Plagiarism Checker Online for 2020

Looking for best plagiarism checker online in 2020?

In the world of online publishing plagiarism is something that is being done by many writers and bloggers. You should stay away from this particular thing because it is unethical.

What actually the Plagiarism is?

According to plagiarism.org, the following are the forms of Plagiarism:

  • Pretending someone else’s work as your own
  • Copying the full content.
  • Copying ideas and words without giving credit to original author
  • Same sentence with the usage of synonymous without giving credit.

The popular dictionary Merriam Webster defines plagiarism as:

“The act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.”

Basically, copying others’ content is plagiarism.

If you are getting your content written by some writers, you must check the content for plagiarism before publishing on your website because you never know what the writer has done.

He might have given you a stolen copy of the content.  Thus, checking the content is very important because if you publish that content on your blog without checking then not only your credibility will hurt, but Google Panda can also hit your blog.

You must not use plagiarized content on either your blog or anyone else’s. In case if you need to copy a few words or phrase, then don’t forget to give credit to the original author or website.

In this blog post, I am going to list 15 free/paid tools that you can use to check the content for plagiarism. As they are used to check plagiarism, they are called Online Plagiarism Checker Tools.

15 Best Paid & Free Plagiarism Checker Online

Okay so without any further ado, let’s have a look at the list of 15 online plagiarism checker tools:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is popularly known for its great grammar checker feature, but it also checks your content for plagiarism that is an added advantage of using this excellent tool.

For example,

I have copied some text from Wikipedia and tried checking with grammarly, and here you can see the result in screenshot below:


You can see that it showed that the content is copied, and it lists the source from where it is copied as well. Point to note that Plagiarism checker feature is available in the premium version of Grammarly.

Official Website: https://grammarly.com/

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2. Copyscape

Copyscape is a renowned plagiarism detector tool available on the internet. When I was introduced to blogging/writing stuff, this was the first tool I have used to check plagiarism.


Copyscape offers free and premium subscriptions. If you want to use its free version, then you can only check the plagiarism of a live web page’s content here. If you want to check the content before publishing, then you need to buy its credits.

Official Websitehttp://www.copyscape.com/

3. Plagscan

Plagscan is an online plagiarism checker tool that allows you to upload your content in any common file format or directly paste the text into it to check whether the content is unique or not.


Though Plagscan is a paid online tool, it offers 20 free Plag points to private users that can be used to check around 2000 words. This is well enough to know how good is this tool to decide whether to buy the premium plan or not.

Official Website: http://www.plagscan.com/

4. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is a free online tool to check the content for plagiarism. You can use it even without registering on it with a few limitations, but if you use it as registered users, then you can use its all features.


You can check the text by pasting in its editor or paste the URL to check the live pages for plagiarism.

You can install its desktop version as well. You can also use it on your Android phone. Its extension is available for modern browsers as well.

Plagiarisma offers so much for no cost.

Official Website: http://plagiarisma.net/

5. Plagium

Packed with many features, Plagium is one of the coolest plagiarism checker tools I ever worked with.

You can upload a file, paste the text or paste the link to check plagiarism.


Most of its extended features require a premium account, but for a normal check, you can just navigate to its home page, paste your text, and hit on Quick Search button.

Official Website: http://www.plagium.com/

6. Dustball

Dustball is a premium plagiarism tool. You can check your content only once for free from one IP. This tool is powerful, and the cost is not much. $8 per month for 50 checks, and after that 25 cents per check.


A good plagiarism tool to try out. You can even upload Word documents to save your time.

Official Website: http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/

7. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a free tool to check plagiarism. However, you have to sign up to do more checks because just after one check, it will ask you to register.


It works well at many times but sometimes it shows results that are irrelevant. I copied one article from a live blog post, put it there, and it said no plagiarism detected. It happened once and the rest of the times, it worked well.

Official Website: http://www.duplichecker.com/

8. Articlechecker


Why pay when you get the same service free of cost. Articlechecker.com offers an entirely free plagiarism check. Just copy and paste the text into the text area, and process the check. Within a few minutes, the results will be in front of you.

Official Website: http://www.articlechecker.com/

9. Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

If you are into the field of SEO and blogging, then there are high chances that you know about Small SEO Tools because it is well known for offering useful free tools.


Its plagiarism checker tool is a very simple tool, just open it, paste your text into the text area, fill the captcha, and hit the button check for plagiarism. The result will be in front of you in no time.

Official Website: http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/

10. Checkforplagiarism

Checkforplagirism says that it checks through billions of publication and checks the live and cached version of web pages too. This online plagiarism tool is an outcome of the combined efforts of teachers, students, and professionals.


It is a paid tool and it offers an extensive customer support available 24×7 via email, phone, and live chat. If you have a budget, it can be a great tool to use.

Official Website: http://www.checkforplagiarism.net/

11. PaperRater


PaperRater is not just a plagiarism tool, but it also used for grammatical checks and writing suggestions. A few features are available free, but Plagiarism check is a premium feature.

Official Website: https://www.paperrater.com/

12. Plagiarismcheck


Plagiarismcheck is a fast online plagiarism checker tool that is available for free. You can check an unlimited number of content with this tool. The best thing about this tool is that this continually improves its plagiarism checker engine. It creates plagiarism reports quickly which you can download as well.

Official Website: http://plagiarismcheck.org/

13. PlagTracker


PlagTracker says that it is one of the most accurate plagiarism checker services. It is useful for students, teachers, publishers, and site owners. It works with six different languages, i.e. English, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, and Italian.

Official Website: http://www.plagtracker.com/

14. WriteCheck


Writecheck is just another plagiarism checker tool that checks your content copy for plagiarism. The checks are done comparing to the massive database that contains 45 billion current and archived web pages, 337 million student papers, and 130 million published works. This tool is fast and accurate enough to be used.

Official Website: http://en.writecheck.com/

15. Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker


Whitesmoke is a multipurpose tool that is used for grammar checks, improving writing style, and plagiarism detection. It is a robust tool and do your plagiarism task in seconds.

Official Website: http://www.whitesmoke.com/

Final Words

Plagiarism is like a sin that we must not commit as bloggers or writers. To stay safe from plagiarism, always check each content copy for plagiarism whether you write or get written from anyone else.

I have mentioned 15 online free/paid plagiarism checker tools that I am sure would be beneficial for you.

Personally, I am using Grammarly’s premium version. Thus, I got plagiarism checker in that too. I would highly recommend Grammarly because it is excellent.

Did I miss any best plagiarism checker? If you know any other best plagiarism detector that deserve a place in this list, drop a comment below now.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing about Free Plagiarism Checker Online and Paid checker. This is very helpful for everyone. Your blog site has so many good article with Good SEO tips. Keep Posting these all article help me to understand SEO tricks.

  2. Hi Jyoti!
    I am personally using Smallseotool and it’s just fabulous. But now I am gonna check all of these tools for experience how they work. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I hope you will keep writing these kind of useful articles. Your regular visitor.

  3. Jyoti, thanks for this perfect list of plagiarism detection tools! It’s great that you’ve mentioned both – paid&free, so everyone could choose that tool, which suits him/her the most. Personally, I’ve found out great plagiarism checker Unplag, can be found here: https://unplag.com

    By comparing the similar paid tools, it provides more detailed reports and had the best quality of the check.

    And what is your favorite tool, Jyoti? Have you that one, which you use for every single day?

  4. Yes, thats a great list of tools. However personally I use noplag.com to check something fast and paid tools like grammanrly for deeper analyzes.

  5. I’ve only tried Copyscape from this list. It’s great! But I will definitely try other tools as well.

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