10 Best Paid & Free Fax Software

In this post, I am going to share 10 best paid & free fax software for Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7.

These software are easy to use and offer a variety of features that makes sending fax online really quick and easy. By using these fax software, you can always send your free fax online.

So, let’s get started with the list.

Top 10 Best Paid & Free Fax Software for 2020

1. RingCentral

Website: https://www.ringcentral.com/fax/

Ring central allows you to send and receive your faxes right from your computer or smartphone with just having an internet connection over it.

Apart from this, all your faxes arrive in your email box and you can view them anytime you wish to.

Ring central is best at its service and it is always up and ready to send and receive fax even if your phone is busy.

Ring Central lets you sending secure and encrypted faxes, blocking the unwanted sender, fax alert (you get notified via a text message when you receive a new fax), Cloud storage integrations, sending faxes electronically and certainly the list of features is long!

2. MetroFax

Website: https://www.metrofax.com/

Like the ring central, MetroFax is also a full-fledged feature rich fax software and it’s also not free. If you want to use their service, you have to go premium and buy any of their plans!

If we talk about the features, it has almost all the features to offers as the other listed fax software including standard security features and an easy interface. Unlike other mentioned software, sending and receiving faxing limit is more in MetroFax i.e 500 shared pages.

They offer 30 days free trial period so you can try their services and decide whether you want to go for MetroFax or not.

3. Nextiva Fax

Website: https://www.nextiva.com/

Nextiva offers almost all the features you can think of. With Nextiva Fax, faxing is just a matter of few seconds.

It is a premium faxing service, so it might not be a good suit for you if you are looking for a free solution.

But still, it’s far cost efficient than having a fax machine and a phone line connection and faxing in real time!

Nextiva is a full-fledged power pack faxing service with all basic and advanced features like secure and email-like fax sending ability, 500 fax pages every Month, the ability to send faxes directly from your phone or tablet etc.

4. eFax

Website: https://www.efax.com/

eFax, yet another great faxing service we have on the list! It’s best in many ways and lets you sign a document online before faxing it.

You can fax any document with eFax, from anywhere to everywhere with just an internet connection. eFax even offers a Mobile app to ease the task of sending and receiving fax right from your mobile.

eFax offers a large list of features including Cloud Storage and the ability to send and receive the large documents online with efficiency!

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5. SmartFax

Website: http://www.smartfax.com

SmartFax lets you send and receive a fax with just a fax number and an internet connection.

SmartFax is pretty cheap comparing to the other fax services. Their plans for faxing starts as low as $6.95 per/mo, which are quite reasonable. But if you are a new customer, you can sign up for their free trial period of 30 days and enjoy their services.

If you find it relevant and useful, you can go premium anytime and become a premium user. Like other fax software mentioned in this article, SmartFax is extremely easy to use and lets you send and receive documents efficiently in the form of an email. You just need to attach your fax document in the email and send it. That’s it!

6. Sfax

Website: https://www.scrypt.com/sfax/

If you are extra security conscious and looking for a Faxing service which offers extreme secure faxing, you should consider Sfax.

Rest of the features offered by Sfax are almost same to others but what makes this software stand out of the crowd is being it ultra secure.

Other than the security, cost efficiency is also a plus for Sfax. On Sfax, there is a limit of 100 fax every month to be sent but you only get charged for the successful fax deliveries.

7. MyFax

Website: http://www.myfax.com/

MyFax again is a very great and a feature rich faxing service. It lets you send up to 100 faxes every month and allows you to receive up to 200 faxes every month for free.

Regardless of which locality you stay, you get a toll free number from MyFax.

Besides that, some other features of Myfax are the ability to share your fax number with 5 email address, unlimited storage, secure fax sending and its implemented with all the standard feature offered by their competitors.

8. Fax.com

Website: http://www.fax.com/

Fax.com requires no introduction in the world of online faxing. Everyone who wants to fax a document through the web already knows about this faxing service.

Fax.com is a feature rich and a great online faxing service which offers all the features requires to efficiently fax a document online. Secure online faxing, faxing from mobile, tablet or PC, faxing as email attachment are some of the obvious features offered by Fax.com.

Fax.com is a premium service but new users can use their services for free for 30-days trial period!

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9. Popfax

Website: http://en.popfax.com/

Popfax is similar to the other fax software mentioned on the list when it comes to features. It also lets you send and receive fax documents in the form of emails, just attach the fax document to be sent in the email and voila, you are done!

Apart from this, Popfax also offers features like mail merge to send mail to multiple people at a time with a slight modification. Popfax is safe, easy to use and a great faxing service which requires you to have just an email ID and nothing else to send emails online!

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10. HelloFax

Website: https://www.hellofax.com/

Last but not the least, the next faxing services deserves a quick mention is the HelloFax. I don’t feel the need of mentioning features of the software as it offers every single feature offered by the other software.

It lets you send and receive fax from anywhere around the world right from your email account.

Besides offering the common features, Hellofax offers some unique features as well.

Like when you receive any fax via HelloFax, the document file you receive is sent to you in the pdf format. Confidential and secure faxing, great customer support, the ability to customize your fax are some of the other great features in the list!


Now, I have reached the end of the article. If you are the one, who still prefers using faxing for business purpose and don’t own a physical facing machines, you can always use any one of the fax software mentioned in the above list.

After going through the list, do mention in the comment section below that which fax software you liked the most and why? Or if you have any query, leave a comment below now.

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