This Video is Not Available in Your Country- Problem Solved

This video is not available in your country,“ snatching your head by reading this message while trying to access your favorite video on YouTube is becoming very problematic these days.

Youtube is the best source for watching movies and videos online. It is the largest platform for uploading and watching online videos. Half of the population relies on Youtube for viewing all kind of videos. But what will happen if country’s government blocks these videos? Some countries block not all but some of the youtube videos due to security reasons. These videos are blocked by either country’s government or by video owner himself. They block these videos by blocking country’s IP address, so that whenever you try to access any video by using the country’s IP address, you find it blocked.

The unblocking blocked youtube video is not a hard stone to break. It will not require your blood, sweat, and tears. With the help of VPN and proxy servers, you can easily unblock youtube videos. You just have to enter the URL of the blocked video, and that’s it!

There are some ways to fix this video is not available in your country error.

This Video is Not Available in Your Country

Method 1: “This video is not available in your country” – Access Using Hola­­Extension

Whenever we want to watch blocked YouTube videos, the first site that strikes our mind is hola extension. It is the most popular and reliable tool for watching videos blocked in a particular region. Hola is most popular Google extension for unlocking any blocking video that has been restricted in your locality. By using Hola, you can access a site in any country in the world. It is used for Google Chrome, but it also supports Mozilla Firefox.

You can unblock any country’s blocked video with the help of hola in few steps.

Step 1: Hola is used for Google Chrome. If you use Chrome browser, install Hola extension on your Google Chrome from googles web store. Add Hola as a Google Chrome extension.

Step 2: After adding hola on Google Chrome, Hola extension will appear as an icon on Chrome browser.

Step 3: After installing hola on your browser, open any blocked video that you want to view and hit on Hola extension icon. After you click on Hola icon, a popup menu will appear that will show the lists of country flags.

Select your country flag from the list. After choosing your country flag, you can access blocked video very quickly with the help of Hola extension that will refresh the blocked video and make it available for you, completely unblocked.

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Method 2: “This video is not available in your country” – Access With Below Tricks 

You can unblock youtube videos very easily by below mentioned steps.

It is a very simple trick to unblock videos blocked in your country.

  • First most thing you have to do is open any video that is blocked in your country
  • After disclosing the video, do some modification in URL of blocked video
  • Just, replace /watch?v=with /v/.
  • By modifying the URL, blocked video gets unblocked, and you can access the video without any interruption easily.

Method 3: “This video is not available in your country”- Access With VPN Apps

Youtube tracks your IP address and blocks that video by identifying your IP address belonging to your country. However, if we hide our IP address then, youtube server will fail to identify your IP address and unblocks the video. This way you can surf the net and access your favorite video as an anonymous user.

To achieve this feat, you should have VPN (virtual private network) installed on your PC or mobile device.  You can download best VPN app from play store and use them to watch blocked videos online. Some of the most popular VPN for Android devices are listed below

  • ExpressVPN
  • Fast Secure VPN
  • FinchVPN
  • FlashVPN
  • Hotspot Shield VPN
  • OpenVPN Connect
  • OpenVPN for Android
  • SpeedVPN
  • Tigervpns
  • VPN Viatun

Some of the most popular VPN available for Android devices are:

 1). ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the most popular and the top-rankedAndroid app. It is easy to use, ultrafast, and has unlimited bandwidth. With the help of this app, you access all the videos from anywhere. ExpressVPN is a paid app. But you can take 30day trial period, after that if you are not satisfied with its features, and then there is also a money back guarantee from this software. Installation and registration are very comfortable.

You can visit its official website-

  • Download and Install ExpressVPN in your android device.
  • After installation, create an account for ExpressVPN
  • After registration, log into your app by entering username and password.
  • Click on the connect button.

As soon as you tap on connect button, your original IP will be replaced by temporary one. Now you can surf the net anonymously with the utmost protection.

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2). Hotspot Shield Free VPN:

It is second most popular VPN after the express van.

It is better than Express VPN as it is free of cost. In addition to this, you can access unlimited videos without concerning about data usage as there is no data usage limit for hotspot shield.

Download it from Google play store or its official website and click on connect to use its services.

You can visit its official website

3). PD-Proxy:

PD-Proxy is normally used for windows.Like other VPN, it also helps to unblock country’s IP address. You can make a trial account on this VPN app. Not only this, you can use 100 MB daily free of cost. This proxy server helps in hiding your county’s IP address and protects your identity. After downloading it from Google play store, click on connect and select the country to unblock itsIP address.

You can visit its official website

4). FinchVPN:

It is better than PD proxy as it provides more me, unlike PD proxy server.

Finch VPN provides 3GB of free data compared to PD proxy that provides only 100 MB of data usage.  FinchVPN not only unblocks regional restrictions but also improves your net speed when you browse the net on some countries. It comes from all devices including windows, and android.

You have to make an account on this server to use its services.

You can visit its official website:

5). DroidVPN:

DroidVPNis easy to use the tool. It not only helps in accessing any site from any country but also encrypts all your data you transmit over the internet. It filters all your internet traffic and makes your identity anonymous. This app provides complete security of your passwords, transactions, and personal messages. It is a one-click software. More work in less time. Not only this, but DroidVPN also blocks the display of advertisements. It provides unlimited and fast speed compared to other VPN software.

You can visit its official website and download this software:

6). SpeedVPN

SpeedVPN is the VPN available free of cost. One feature of this app is that it provides multiple locations to select after clicking on connect button. It provides extra bandwidth and data usage. Download it from Google play store and enjoy its services.

You can visit its official website and download this software:

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Method 4: “This video is not available in your country”- Access Using Proxies

Using proxy server always proved to be beneficial when it comes to unblocking any video or site. The proxy server allows you to surf the net anonymously and help in unblocking any video blocked in particular country or region. A major difference in between VPN and proxy server is that one hand you need to download VPN to use its services while on other hand proxy servers do not require downloading. You can access any blocked video directly on the internet using proxy server. Also, proxy servers are free of cost whereas VPN services are paid services.

Here I am sharing top 10 proxy sites, you can use anyone to access blocked videos.

1). Just unblock it

Proxy sites are the coolest, easiest and most anonymous way to surf the internet. Using Just unblock website you will be able to contact and enter any site in any part of the world by remaining unidentified from the world. All of your browser history and your IP address will be hidden from hackers and spammers. This proxy server is connected with California& New York! This site is popular for its reliability and performance

This site is entirely free of cost i.e. you can use this website without voiding your pocket anymore.

You can visit its official website:

2). Canada Proxy

As the name suggest, it is a proxy server used for Canada. Canada Proxy helps you surf the internet anonymously and evade your school, college or workplace internet boundaries. It helps in unblocking youtube videos blocked in the country. Do you find that favorite video on youtube is blocked, and you want a fast, secure and reliable proxy server? Then switch to Canada Proxy server.

On opening the home page, you will found various links displayed on top of the page. By clicking on any of the links, Canada proxy server will return that page for you. You can use this server directly from the internet. There is no need of downloading this server on your PC or mobile device.  To use this service, you don’t need to be in Canada. You can use its services from any part of the world.

You can visit this site by clicking on this link

3). England Proxy

England Proxy is the server used in the UK.You can bypass all the blocked stuff using our website, if you want to watch videos on YouTube, access copyright material or download any useful matter from the internet, you can do it securely On an altered IP address and secure SSL encryption.

This proxy site works on fast SSD servers spread across the United Kingdom. This proxy server keeps no records of the clients actions and protects your identity in a very secure way.

Would you like to visit this site? Just visit this link-

Paste the URL of the video you want access of, and press enter.  Enjoy the video without any interruption in your region.

You will find proxy options on the right side. On clicking on it, you will found various options that you don’t want to display on your site.

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4). US Proxy server

US Web Proxy allows you to bypass filters and blocked websites from your country to access your desired videos, and safeguard your identity online by beating your IP address. It provides protection from hackers and spammers that could hack your internet traffic.

US Web Proxy is the most trustworthy and speedy web proxy. It is safe to use and is free!

You can visit its official website:

5). Anonymizer

It is the oldest and most frequently used a proxy server in providing online privacy and anonymity.

It has been serving its users from more than 20 years.  Its mission is to protect user’s identity whenever he visit sthene website. The system of this proxy server is made in a way that it’s impossible for hackers to track your identity. Like other servers, it also hides log details, and you can surf the net by remaining unknown from the world.

You can download this server from the link-

6). Free Singapore Proxy – Remove Web Filters

It is the fastest Singapore web proxy. This server provides you proxy IP address via which you can access any video blocked in any country. It bypasses all internet traffic, and as the name suggests, it removes all web filters.

Its proxy servers are SSL encrypted implying that your personal information is secured, and different IP addresses hide your internet activities.

This server alters your IP address as soon as you demand a blocked website making you anonymous.

Our proxy servers will get the blocked videos and return them to you without you having to leave

This means your browsing history is kept completely safe, and nobody will ever come to know that you have stayed at blocked video’s website or detoured the web filters.

You can visit its official website:


Feeling helpless to access your favorite video? Is this message “this video is not available in your country” annoying you very much? Don’t worry! Hold your horses!

Funproxy.Net is the best option to unblock country restrictions on your favorite videos. It encrypts your data and provides online privacy. All of your social networking sites and other millions of sites can be unblocked using

Evade the obstruction of being barred access to your favorite websites at school, college, university or even your office network.

With the help of, you can enjoy surfing anywhere in the world

Your information will remain completely safe and secure by using this server. With the help of this scripted proxy server, you can bypass filters to unlock videos. Funproxy.Net is 100% free and reliable. By entering the URL of the video which you want to access, you can unblock any site or video irrespective of your location.

You can visit its official website –

8). BlewPass

BlewPass is here to assist you in bypassing online filters and firewalls imposed by the school, work, or country. It provides complete protection from unknown identities and maintains online privacy. It unblocks YouTube videos or any other video from any video site by hiding your country’s IP address.

Its   HTML5 video player supporting feature is like icing on the cake that works well for mobile surfing.  Just download any youtube video and click on html5 video player to view your favorite video in high resolution. It doesn’t have any speed or bandwidth limitation.

You can visit its official website –

9). Fast School Proxy Site Server

If you are using this server then definitely, you are having something secured in your bag.

This website is designed primarily for school students who with the help of this site could easily access YouTube videos.

Many schools often block certain websites that are not viewed as Informative such as social media like Facebook, YouTube & Twitter. However, we think that today’s generations depend on this novel technology to explore and develop their abilities.

You can visit its official website – 

10). MegaProxy

Mega proxy is the web proxy having its servers in Singapore.

Like other proxy servers, this site also permits you to visit any website that is usually blocked by your ISP or Network Administrator. You can watch videos easily on youtube without reading this message-“this video is not available in your country.” This server gives you temporary IP address instead of blocked IP address and thus helps in unblocking youtube videos.

Mega proxy also allows the accessing of social networking sites. Click on the download link- to visit its official page.

Cut to the chase! And just enter the name of the site or video blocked in your country and tap on go button and thus it will become a field day for you!

All of your private information is hidden from the world. This website is free of cost and doesn’t require any registration.


Upset about not being able to view blocked videos and apps? This video is not available in your country is this message irritating you? Bothered about online security, spammers and hackers? Speculating how to keep online activity completely safe, secure and personal? Don’t worry! Proxy and VPN servers are the best solutions to all your problems.This software is favorable in many ways like they will hide your IP address, clear your browsing history, logs and the entire internet traffic, provides online privacy and unblocks the country’s IP address. Thus, these servers will become your life partner in achieving success in the path of accessing blocked videos.

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