YouTube Alternative: Top 7 Alternatives To YouTube

Here are the top 7 youtube alternative websites for 2020 which you can use as a replacement for the video streaming giant Youtube. All the video streaming platforms mentioned below offers a different set of features. And it’s you, who has to decide which youtube competitors suit your needs.

Let’s dive deeper into the article and figure out the best alternatives to youtube.

Top 7 YouTube Alternatives for 2020

1. DailyMotion



DailyMotion is one of the biggest names in media streaming industry and needs no introduction. It’s indeed the best youtube alternative and several video Creators rely on DailyMotion for uploading and promoting their media streaming contents.

You can call DailyMotion a true Youtube alternative for various reasons. It can be anything from Interface to working, availability in multiple languages, country-specific home pages and so forth.

Like Youtube, Dailymotion is also available in all over the world. And every country is shown a different home page containing different trending videos related to that country and region. Daily Motion supports about 18 different languages.

Apart from this, sports, technology, lifestyle, fashion, music, comedy, politics, gaming or live-streams, everything is there on DailyMotion which makes it a leading video streaming platform out there.

Like Youtube and other video hosting platforms, Dailymotion also allows users to browse and upload videos by searching through tags, channels, or user-created groups. However, the maximum video uploading size of a video file is 4 GB. And basic users can upload videos up to 60 mins. in length. But this limit is pretty sufficient if the user is not very advanced.

All these things make Daily Motion one of the big Youtube competitors. And therefore, it receives about 300 million visitors every month. And about 3.5 billion videos are watched on daily motion every month.

2. Vimeo



Vimeo is one of the most powerful tools for creating, sharing and uploading high-quality videos across the globe. It has been trusted by over 60 Million people all over the world. And it’s known for offering high-quality videos than it’s competitors.

This youtube alternative lets you upload videos in almost all the categories like Animation – Arts & Design – Music – Documentary – Travel – Narrative etc.. The support for a high range of categories make Vimeo a diversifying video platform, suitable for all kind of users.

When it comes to Quality, Vimeo turns out to be the most reliable platform. Where most of the Video hosting website doesn’t assure about high-quality video streaming, Vimeo advances its support for higher bit rates and hosts videos in HD and 4k.

The best part of Vimeo?? The best feature which makes Vimeo a preferable platform over others is its support for no ads. Yes, Vimeo allows users to watch ad-free video on its platform. However, Vimeo is not an entirely free video hosting platform. Apart from a free basic plan, Vimeo offers three premium plans i.e. Video Plus, Pro, and business, suitable for different type of users.

In the free plan, you are allowed to upload up to 500MB of videos per week. And as the plan increases, the upload limit and set of features also get adds up. That’s not it. Vimeo also offers monetization options, customer support, security features, dashboard, analytics and everything a video creator and viewers expects from a video hosting platform.

3. Metacafe



Metacafe is the best Videos sharing platform for you if your only goal is to watch the videos and not to upload it. Unlike Youtube and other video streaming platforms mentioned on the list, Metacafe doesn’t support video uploading.

Metacafe is one of the oldest fish in media streaming world and it was launched in 2003 even before Youtube. Initially, it tended to be a Youtube and Dailymotion sort of a platform. And users were allowed to upload their own contents. But after some years, Metacafe got revived and now it is known to be one of the leading media streaming websites.

Metacafe is highly popular in the US and receives about 12 million unique monthly viewers in the just U.S alone. The number increases to 40 million a month when it comes to worldwide. Besides, Metacafe has a large library of videos and short films, which makes it the best entertainment platform for watching videos and short films.

If numbers are to be believed, Metacafe streams over 53 million videos every month, which certainly is a big number.

Best part?? The best thing about Metacafe is its unique collection of short films from across the world. The videos on meta cafe range from movies to Video Games, TV, Music, and Sports. Besides, the interface of Metacafe is also appealing.

The homepage of the website contents different section like editorial picks, recommended channels, latest videos, most popular videos and so on. Also, in the top menu, there are only 3 categories to choose from i.e. latest, popular and trending. You can browse any category of your choice and start exploring your favorite videos worldwide.

4. Veoh



Veoh is a video distribution company just like Youtube. All the features of Veoh aren’t identical to Youtube, but it is does considered as one of the top youtube alternatives. Veoh is a self-proclaimed “one of the world’s most popular video content and Internet Television sites”. And you can’t deny it as one, once you explore Veoh.

From short videos to full-length movies, Veoh is best at providing videos of all length. Like Youtube and most of the other video sharing websites out there, Veoh offers all range of media contents including music, games, slideshows, presentations and more.

Apart from this, Veoh also gives you a taste of social media platform. On Veoh, you can inbox people you like, you can mark videos as favorites, create playlists, and so forth. Not only this, Veoh also allows users to text and voice chat with other people while watching your favorite videos.

There are lots of other social media features offered by Veoh which makes it a top video sharing platform cum social media website. And in the coming future, there are chances for the addition of new social features.

So with some pros and cons over Youtube, Veoh is yet again a deserving youtube alternative. But if you are not satisfied with Veoh, and don’t find it as the best Youtube replacement, move further and check out my next picks.

5. Flickr



Now coming to the next video hosting platform i.e Flickr. Flickr is basically popular as a photo sharing website. But on contrary to what most of the people think Flickr is, it’s a great platforms to upload and browse videos too.

Flickr is a Yahoo company. And thus, it is a dependable medium for sure. Although, I won’t call Flickr a perfect replacement for Youtube. But as a video creator, it can be your another medium of getting eyeballs on your videos.

Getting started with Flickr videos is extremely easy. Just visit the website and start exploring the videos. But in case you want to upload the video on Flickr, you need to sign up on the website. There are various other options offered by Flickr videos which makes it a compelling video sharing platform.

Some of the features are the ability to express your views about the video by dropping comments and marking the video as faves, easy video searching option, easy download option and so forth.

To gain more views and popularity on your videos on Flickr, you can join different groups and communities over Flickr. Yes, like Google+ and other social media platforms, Flickr supports groups and communities. You can search for your desired groups, join them and start exploring and sharing your video contents with the world.

So all in all, Flickr is a good platform that can be given a shot. But since it’s not exclusively a video sharing platform, it lacks some features. And therefore, it isn’t popular enough among the media lovers. But as they say, don’t believe others but yourself.

I would recommend you to visit and explore videos on Flickr yourself. And then decide whether or not, they fulfill your desire. If the videos aren’t appropriate enough and fail to satisfy your needs, you can try other alternatives to Youtube.

6. Twitch



Twitch is an Amazon’s subsidiary company. And it’s quite a new video streaming platforms as compared to the other youtube alternative sites in the list.

Twitch was launched in June 2011. And today, after the 6 years of its launch, Twitch has attained the tag of a leading live streaming video service in the World. Twitch has a large library of contents related to arts, creativity, movies, TV shows and gaming.

If we talk about Twitch in number, you will be stunned. As of 2017, just after the 6 years of its launch, Twitch receives over 15 million daily active visitors, is indeed a big number for a new platform like Twitch. Like Youtube, a big number of content creators i.e. 2.2+ million contribute to Twitch for the contents.

Besides, on an average, over 106 minutes of videos are watched per person per day. And Twitch has over 25,000+ members of the Twitch Partner program, which again is a big number.

However, Twitch is a premium service by Amazon. So it can’t be the best choice for you if you are looking for free youtube alternatives. But if money is not a problem for you and all you want from your video streaming service is the rich and high-quality contents, you can blindly opt for Twitch.

Here you won’t just get the high-quality refreshing video streaming contents on Twitch, but the ad-free media, unlike Youtube.

7. Vevo



Vevo is the last alternative on the list. Vevo is a relatively new platform compared to other youtube alternative platforms and was launched in December 2009. Despite not being so old, Vevo has managed to attain great success in just a few years. And it has been turned into a popular video hosting platforms since then.

Vevo is an acronym of Video EVOlution. Vevo receives billions of views every month. And thousands of hours of videos are viewed on Vevo every month. Vevo has been partnered with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment to offer refreshing contents.

The content on Vevo primarily focuses on Music and live videos. Besides that, the videos are extremely high quality.

So in short, Vevo is the best music streaming platform which you can consider as a youtube alternative. However, due to some licensing issues, Vevo is available in limited countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy etc. So if your country is not in the Vevo supported countries yet, no worries. You can still watch Vevo videos through Vevo on YouTube.

Vevo is not only a good platform for Video lovers. It’s a great platform for Video creators too. There is a special feature on Vevo website which honors content creators with an award as soon as they accomplish getting a milestone of 100 million views.

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These were the top 7 youtube alternative sites that can replace Youtube in every aspect.

All the alternative youtube sites host videos efficiently and offer certain features. Now it’s up to your reasons and requirements that are leading you to abandon Youtube and look for the websites like YouTube, that which Youtube Alternative will suit your needs.

For me, all the youtube alternatives are good. But do let me know, what’s your take on this?? What do you think can be the best Youtube Alternative for you??

Or do you know any other platforms which can be on the list?? Let me know your views in the comment section below.

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