Top 10 Most Powerful Female Bloggers In India

India is the home for talents. Indian men and women have always made a way of their own and paved it all the way to their destinations. There is hardly a field in India where women have not contributed their able talents. From space to politics, from aviation to blogging they are everywhere and that too with dignity. Yes, Blogging is a huge trend in India both as a profession and as a personal media for sharing views. Here is a list of female bloggers who have made it large in the blogging scene and are undoubtedly the top powerful female bloggers in India.

top10 most popular female bloggers

Being a pro blogger in their own niche was never a walk of rose petals for them, they have tried it hard to balance their roles of being a woman, a mother, a sister or a wife and they have been successful in switching the right role the right time. For being a pro blogger, you have to have a lot of knowledge in the field you are blogging in, dedication and perseverance. And these Indian bloggers have it all, that too in plenty. You are called a pro blogger only if you sustain a life out of your blogging income, and these bloggers have a huge earning both in terms of repute and monetary too.

Top 10 Most Powerful Female Bloggers In India

Here are the ten most powerful Indian bloggers listed in no particular order.

1. Jane Sheeba


Jene Sheeba is the founder of and is undoubtedly one of the most influential bloggers in India. She has an array of blogs based on health niche, technology niche, etc. and her site Dosplash acts is a hub for bloggers to post their blog posts and interact with each other. Apart from being a top blogger she works as a scientist in the Medical Physics field.

2. Harleena Singh

Harleena singh

Speak of a pro blogger who dedicates her life helping everyone who needs her, and Harleena Sigh comes in mind spontaneously. Before being a pro-blogger, she was an extremely successful freelancer writer. Her blog Aha!NOW is a multi-niche blog providing quality articles on blogging, health, motivation and writing niche. She has been given the title of the “blog commenting queen” as you can find her everywhere in the blogosphere sharing her valuable opinion.

What was her main purpose to start Aha!NOW?

Honestly, her initial purpose to start Aha!NOW was to make it a collection of her writing to showcase to her clients, being a freelance writer. Aha!NOW was a family blog with the additional focus on parenting and relationships.

Later on with time, She transformed Aha!NOW into a personal development and life blog. The main purpose of the blog became to help people find solutions to their problems and seek happiness in their lives.

How did She join blogging?

Her foray into blogging was not planned; it was accidental. She’d never thought of becoming a blogger. However, She began to have interactions with bloggers who visited her blog and gradually got inspired into becoming a blogger. When she joined blogging, she had no other motive than to make her blog popular and help as many people as possible.

What are her plans for blogging?

She created a blogging community called the ABC. She is going to take it further and develop it as a standard platform for all bloggers. She is also going to offer blog consultancy to help all bloggers on her new blog, She wants to make blogging accessible, easy, and profitable for all.

3. Nirmala Santhakumar Nirmala Santhakumar

This Chennai based blogger has a real excellent blog on the domain She shares valuable social media tips as well as blogging guides on it. She was a freelance writer but soon realized that her inner talent needs to be shared with those who need it and started a blog that earned her far more than writing, both regarding repute and finance. I love her attitude.

What was her main purpose to start Mymagicfundas?

The main purpose of starting her blog “Mymagicfundas” is to enhance her marketing and writing skills. Previously, She blogged at Blogspot domains, but Atish Ranjan of inspired her a lot to start a tech blog. He helped her to found “MyMagicFundas”, and now she meet monetary benefits from my blog.

How did She join blogging?

She is an Electronics Engineering graduate (responsive homemaker) who wished to make use of her academics. She was hunting for a reliable work at home job to get a flexible career option. She has joined as a writer in, improved her scripting skills and finally came to blog with passion.

4. Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha Sharma

She has many feathers to her cap. Shraddha has been the founder of a hugely popular blog called featuring various social and current topics along with entrepreneur stuff on it.  She also works with the CNBC group alongside Times of India, one of India’s leading newspaper.

5. Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal poses for a picture as she blogs from her living room in Mumbai

Malini Agarwal is celebrity and lifestyle blogger. Her entertainment and lifestyle blog has a huge fan base that is both in India and in western countries too. She has been working with the MTV and is also an RJ.

6. Shalu Sharma

Shalu Sharma

Shalu Sharma is undoubtedly the travel guide of online India. Yes, no one can better describe Indian destination than Shalu, who writes on She is an author too and loves her birth place a lot (something we all should do too!). Her twitter Id is @Bihar which ci-incidentally is her home state too.

What was her main purpose to start

She used to travel to other countries, and people used to ask her about India. Many of these questions were about travelling such as the best time to visit, where to go, is it safe, where is the Taj Mahal and how do you get there and so on. Then it occurred to her that she should start an India travel site, and hence was born. She now talks about travelling tips and anything else she can think that will be useful to a person coming to India.

How did She join blogging?

She started blogging about ten years ago when She bought her first domain and she still have that domain name. She blogs about the state of Bihar in general! Although She doesn’t blog on that website as much as would like but the website is still active. She learnt about Blogger and WordPress and decided that WordPress was the best platform for blogging. She also uses Blogger for many of her websites.

7. Shiwangi Shrivastava

Shiwangi Shrivastava

Shiwangi Shrivastava is a writer at heart and blogs at Her blog is a guiding light for new bloggers in India, and she writes blogging, social media, and stuff on writing on her blog. She has received the huge response for her work and is a favorite of her readers.

What was her main purpose to start PenSitDown?

The primary goal of initiating her blog was branding her name and her skill. Pensitdown has given her plenty of unexpected opportunities which she could never imagine of. She is in the best phase of her life as learning is always around along with the positive outcome.

How did she join blogging?

Atish Ranjan is the person who encouraged her to do the blogging. She is indeed thankful to him for introducing the best platform which suits her persona. She had always dreamt of being superwomen without joining corporates, so Blogging is the journey of her dream.

8. Chitraparna Sinha

Chitraparna Sinha

She is a popular blogger of the younger generation and blogs about content marketing and freelancing. She is a writer consultant, and her blog is She is very friendly. 🙂

What was her main purpose to start Socialvani?

To explore the blogging world. When She joined, She didn’t know blogging is so vast. Initially, it was about publishing her content and getting readers but with time, the vision broadened.

How did she join blogging?

Her blogging journey began on a note of curiosity emerging from the realization her writing clients were publishing her write-ups in their name on something called “blogs”. An inquisitive mind, she researched on the blogging industry and thought of starting her own blog. A good Samaritan purchased the domain and hosting, guided her through WordPress, traffic building strategies and there has been no looking back. Whatever she is today, the credit mainly goes to her first blog initiative.

9. Lasya k Elzibeth

Lasya K Elzibeth

Lasya K is a girl entrepreneur and blogger who is doing the good works of helping others out for AdSense approval. She has helped more than 47 bloggers get their AdSense approved by showing them how to follow the rules before applying.

Her blog is an educational site as well as a site for bringing up top ten lists of any categories. She has started a website called (yes, under her name!) where she is committed to share tips and tricks related to AdSense and SEO. She has been featured on leading newspapers in India.

What was her main purpose to start

The main purpose to start was to learn something new. She treats as an experimental place where she have learnt lots of things till now and still learning too. Alltop9 is like her Life where her career has started.

How did She join blogging?

She is very passionate girl towards The internet. This took her into blogging. When she was thinking to earn some bucks as a part time, she heard about blogging from one of our experts Imran Uddin through online. Later on, she has done lots of research, experiments, etc. She just doesn’t want to burden my parents with her needs. So, she decided to earn and entered into blogging in 2011.

10. Jyoti ChauhanJyoti-Chauhan

Okay, some of you might think I am biased but the thing is I did an online survey for the top ten list, and many of them suggested they want to see me on the list. So, here is me Jyoti Chauhan and I am committed to serve the blogosphere with all I can. My blog has received many accolades and is amongst the most read blogs by new bloggers. Reason? I provide quality articles on it that are extremely helpful to them to shape their career in blogging.

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  1. Really Nice Article, Jyoti.. After reading this article, I come to know that many of girls are doing blogging & Internet marketing. This is really interesting. keep it up..

  2. Hi Jyoti,
    Must appreciate your efforts in identifying true gems of this field. Story of Lasya is inspirational, your success too in this field is second to none. Most people think blogging is easy. All you need to do is, research some articles and put them up. However, it is people who put in their passions to their words would confess that journey on this path is not easy.

    Very inspirational blog for those who are willing to learn from this.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

  3. I am really glad to know about these female bloggers. Thanks for the Information. I am very happy to see my sister in 10th place. 🙂 Thanks for including her. 🙂

  4. Hi Jyoti,

    Thanks for adding me to this list. I feel honored and nice to see that you included yourself too in this list…all the best in your blogging journey.

    Chitraparna Sinha

  5. Hi Jyoti,

    Thank you SO much for this wonderful post 🙂

    It feels awesome to be featured and mentioned along with the other women bloggers of our country, most of whom I already know, while the rest I’d surely be checking out.

    I am glad you added your name to this list too, that couldn’t have been missed out for sure. 🙂 You are right, being a woman, a mom, a sister, a daughter, and managing a blog is certainly not an easy task, especially in our country. So I congratulate each of these achievers for doing so well in their respective fields 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, and I’d surely be sharing it further on all platforms. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  6. hi jyoti
    you did a good job and keep it up. this is also a inseparable task for working ladies …..

  7. Thanks for sharing the list again….It is lovely as well as inspiring to see females growing in this industry. You and Chitraparna are ofcourse I know closely and so happy to see you people in limelight.
    However, other 8 people have really inspired me. With so much in platter I am still working on how to maintain my blogs. But I am sure, with such motivating stories, even bloggers like me will make to top charts soon.

  8. Hi Joyti

    Thanks for compiling this wonderful list with wonderful description of each in a perfectly concise manner.

    The list is surely so huge but you selected the top ten with their own unique voice and also they are famous for one of their unique blogging quality apart from perfect skills of all blogging chores.

    Harleena apart from being a wonderful blogger is also known as commenting queen and it is her added quality. Jane Sheeba for her online entrepreneurship, Shalu for her prowess in travel blogging, Nirmala for her strong grip on techie subjects, Shardha for successfully managing a multi-niche blog, Shiwangi for her unique voice as a blogger, Malini for her resonating voice in celebrity blogging niche, Chitraparna for her blogging professionalism, Lasya K for educational blogging and last but not least you being well-focused on your blogging goals have achieved a lot earlier than several who are still just trying to achieve equal to your level.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post and making your blog community know about these wonderful female bloggers in detail.

  9. Hi Joyti,
    great post with amazing bloggers here!

    I don’t know 4 of the names mentioned in your list,
    so I’m going to check them right now.

    Thanks for the share,
    happy to see many friends here. 🙂

  10. Hi Jyoti,
    I am glad to see this list. I figured this post out from Harleena Mam’s FB timeline. I don’t know some of this blogging sisters. Defintely going to check them out.
    Yeah, it is pretty hard to maintain an ever growing blog with life responsibilities. Everyday I see my mom works hard to make a living. She has a regular job. Apart from that she cooks tasty food, looks after me very well (I love you so much Mum, can’t go without saying this). So I know it is difficult. Women with regular job really strive hard to do blogging.
    Hats of to you sisters. All of you make another reason to be proud as an Indian.
    Awesome list Jyoti. Why did you hesitate to put your name? Without you, the list is incomplete. I think you included every top notch female bloggers from our country. Thank you so much to make me know about some bloggers whom I am not familiar with.


  11. Hello Jyoti,

    You have done a nice job 🙂

    Many thanks for including me in the list and am so glad to be featured among with the great bloggers. I was surprised to see your name in the list and I would say that you’re having immense guts. Thinking high is a great attitude and this would bring great credibility to your profession.

    All the bloggers which you’ve listed here are my beloved ones (including you) and delighted to connect with them. Thanks again for the nice mention and very kind words. Keep your good work 🙂

  12. Hi Amit,

    Thanks to visiting my blog. Yes you are absolutely right , it courage to every newbie to make a good place for yourself in bogging industry. I have already checked your blog’s post and leave a comment.

    Thanks again to mention me into your list and dropping a comment here 🙂

  13. Hi Jyoti Chauhan,
    Thanks for sharing the names of these powerful female bloggers. I pay regards to all of you for your dedicated hard work that brought you all on the top of this list.
    Wish all you best of luck for your future.
    SK Saini

  14. Hey Jyothi,

    Thanks SO much for the feature. I’m truly honored. I would like to congratulate all the fellow bloggers who are featured here 🙂

    Thanks for taking the pain to put this list together.

    Just a small correction – I am currently not working as a scientist. I used to work 🙂

    Thanks again for the feature!

  15. What a great list of women bloggers from India. I know most of them (except a few) and as far as I am aware they are certainly top in their field of expertise. Thank you for pointing out my Twitter ID. Great stuff and congratulations to those who were featured.

  16. Hi Jyoti,
    Nice to be here, I am here via Harleena’s FB notification,
    glad that i found yet another wonderful blogger form India,
    The list you mentioned only few are very familiar faces but most of them are not. I need to have a look at these places. Thanks for introducing these selected female bloggers. May their tribe increase. I am sure as someone said female bloggers are 1:100 so I am here! that is indeed a wonderful statement and she is now a wonderful blogger too! Oh My… this is really interesting, May their tribe increase. more and more female bloggers should come up in this arena. Have a great time of sharing ahead,

  17. Hi Jyoti,

    Such a beautiful list of beautiful and talented female bloggers including you. Some of the face are new for me. I will soon visit them.

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  18. Mam! even I enjoy reading your comments 😀 you write a lot and nice. between @jyoti these are really nice list with intro explanation of women bloggers in india.

    Altamash Sid

  19. Hi Gagan,

    Welcome to UpdateLand, you are absolutely right, everyday many newbie join blogging industry and they leave soon. They have no passion just want to earn money. This is the main reason of their failure. Thanks to dropping your comment and it is much appreciated.

  20. Hi Chiranshu,

    You are absolutely right, these all female are doing awesome job in bogging. They have lot of fans due to their awesome work in blogging industry.

    Thanks to stopping by and dropping comment 🙂

  21. Earlier I came to know about 3-4 famous female blogger in India, through some blogs, like TechTricksworld, Ahanow etc. Today my information base got updated. Well, due to lack of time, I am not reading this article completely, but, I’ve bookmarked it and will read soon, and may be pass some more comment(s). Have a nice day.

  22. Hey Jyoti,

    Excuse me for late reply.. Really telling you I adore every women who has been featured here and the one who is also still struggling. I am very particular about women success be it you, me, or any other who want to make mark in their respective sphere.

    Today, I feel good when women with joint hands coming forward and represent those ladies who is spectators and want to be one of us.

    Indeed thanks for featuring me and for respecting my work and I equally respect all the ladies here enlisted. I am every women your success is my success. Thanks a ton..

  23. Amazing post. Our team salute them and mostly we visited to .Our team get inspired too when they read the blog post by Shradha sharma.

    Keep Blogging !!!!

  24. You deserved to be in this list Mam,
    I think all you ladies are teaching us how to use blogging.
    It is great to hear that you are beating many men especially in India where Men are considered as dominating 🙂
    Cheers 🙂

  25. Hi Jyoti,

    Such a beautiful list of beautiful and talented female bloggers including you. Some of the face are new for me. I will soon visit them.

    Thanks for sharing this list. Have a nice day!

  26. Came through google plus.. almost all these female bloggers i knew and some of them am following ,
    jane and nirmala both are very knowledgeable bloggers and regular visitor of those blogs .. thanks for sharing jyothi best indian female bloggers list wish need more female bloggers…

  27. Droped from your facebook post and i can say you are superb.. it was really an informative article.. I have read about most of them but It is really interesting to know more about female bloggers.. 🙂

    Thank you.

  28. Thanks for the kind words Sid – yes, never stop yourself from writing long if it’s required, as it is a way of expressing yourself in this online world 🙂

  29. Hello Jyoti,
    Great to see such top Indian female bloggers in a single list. Although this list is made by you but you definitely deserve to be in this list. To be honest I think you rank is higher than what you gave this list post.
    BTW……. Can I know how your did the poll? coz I also want to do such poll to get opinions.

    Thanks for wonderful article. Have a nice day!

  30. Very well written…..

    It’s good to see that women are not behind Man in any field.

    It was really interesting to read your list of top women bloggers in India. I hope it will inspire other womens to join this field and soon you have to increase your list…..

  31. jyoti chauhan and all other Females Claps For you..! Keep it up no Doubt Female are great in All Fields.

  32. Hi Jyoti,

    Thank you for sharing the top female bloggers. It’s really so inspiring and motivating and Over all I like your blog a lot and visit it everyday.

    I am very new to blogging and I find so many useful articles which has really helped me a lot.

    Thanks again and keep sharing good work 🙂

  33. Highly inspired by these girls/ladies. I am 52 years old and I think I am too late to start blogging! Anyway hope to do my best.
    In early days, the teachers will be older {by age} than the students and students were compelled to give utmost respect. But, today, these young ones teaches us very clearly. Children at home knows much better about the “latest arrival”-cell phones and the elders approach them for help!
    Very nice, Love u All

  34. Hi Jyoti,

    It was inspiring to know that there are women bloggers in India. All the more so, as I am a novice, a non-technical person and am yet to discover more about blogging. Thanks.

  35. As I always say, women are the powerhouse. No matter where we live and how many issues we have in our lives. Once we decide that we want to stand. Noone can move us down. It is really influential to see the women rise in the blogging world also.

  36. Wonderful article Jyoti,,

    I am very new to blogging and I find so many useful articles which has really helped me a lot.It was really interesting to read your list of top woman bloggers in India.
    Thanks for sharing this useful list of best bloggers and keep sharing good work.

    Have a nice day! Happy Blogging

  37. Hi Jyothi,

    Your article is really inspiring, especially for the young girls who are striving to do something their own. I’m sure they will definitely take a step towards it.

    Thank you so much for making my day great. May be this day would be a turning point in my life as well as many other young girls.

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    Your Valuable Article Sharing With Us. You are great person like others. Keep update and wining the world. I always follow you and try to do best.

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    I am pavithra.I am planning to start a blog soon as I was doing research on how to? where, etc about blogging i came across update am really grateful that I went through your blog as you have truly inspired and motivated me through your blog coz initially when I googled i came across top 10 men bloggers and all based on tech gadgets etc. But I am happy that we have top 10 women bloggers in india with random topics,which is what I was looking for.

  40. Hi,

    I am surprised and it is great pleasure to know that these ladies are so smart and ahead in the field of blogging. How did they learn in short span of time?

    I guess everybody should learn to treat them as role model , if blogging is concerned.

    Thanking You

  41. Hi Jyoti,

    Amazing collection of all power ladies at one place. I was searching for top 10 women bloggers and found your article. A fantastic read, I must say.

    Shubha Tiwari

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