How to Access Facebook Full Site on Android: Complete Guide

In Today article, I am going to share how to access Facebook full site on Android.

There are some questions which can arise in your mind after reading the title of this article.

Why do you need to access Facebook desktop version website on Android?

Does Facebook mobile version offer all features to the user? etc.

Let me reply to your questions first then I will share methods of accessing Facebook full site on Android.

Facebook mobile version offers limited features which are mostly used by mobile users. Thus, to use some advanced features, you need to access Facebook desktop version website on your Android.

Now you are thinking. You can do this from your desktop. Yes, you can. But what about are when you are away from your desktop or Laptop?

In such situations, you need to access Facebook desktop version from Android.

Let me discuss 🙂

How to Access Facebook Full Site on Android

Facebook full site

I am going to share 3 ways to access Facebook desktop site on Android. All methods are tested by myself first before listing here. In case, you still face any issue in accessing Facebook desktop mode, feel free to ask your query in comment section.

1). Using Facebook URL

It is easy, simple and most trusted method to access Facebook full website. Since in this approach, you are using Facebook official URL with little trick.

Below are required steps to access Facebook desktop site.

  1. Tap on your browser icon, once browse is opened, type this URL
  2. If you are already login, you will see Facebook desktop version on your android mobile. And in opposite case, first you will see Facebook mobile view, once your login, you will redirect to Facebook PC version.
  3. Bookmark above URL to access full Facebook website quickly next time. If you don’t know how to bookmark, don’t worry it is very simple process. Simple click on three dots on the top right corner. And you will see bookmark option.
  4. Or you can add home.php in the end of official Facebook URL and access quickly.

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2). Using Browser Feature: Request Desktop Site

Mostly browsers support this feature. It is built in feature and you can access desktop view of any website using this functionally on your android. I personally use Google Chrome browser. So below are the required steps for Google Chrome Android browser. If you are using any another browser, then there might be some changes. This procedure is only for Google Chrome users.

  1. Open your browser and click on three dots on top right corner.
  2. After click on three dots, a small window will be appear, now click on Request Desktop Site.
  3. Now type, Facebook full site will appear.

Is it not easy to access Facebook full desktop website on Android?

In case if you have any problem with this method, try third method to access Facebook desktop mode.

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3). Using Facebook Desktop Site Feature

It is mostly used method and my favorite to access Facebook desktop version.  Below are essential steps which you need to follow to enjoy Facebook desktop view or Facebook full website.

  1. Open your browser whatever you are using.
  2. Now visit
  3. Fill your login information if you are not login already.
  4. Click on the menu and scroll to the end of menu, you will found Desktop site option there. Click on this and done.

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Take Away: Always use Landscape mode while accessing desktop version of any website on mobile. Landscape gives you more clarity or better view of images and text. To use Landscape mode, simple tap on screen rotation option from notification bar of your Android. If you already keep turn on your mobile screen rotation feature, then ignore this.

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  1. Dear admin thanks For sharing Such Information. Your Article is a Very Useful. Your post on access facebook full site on android is very fantastic and i am so much grateful to receive this information from you.

  2. I have tried to log in to my facebook page but see a notice to confirm who I am. When I tap “identify pics” option, it says “hourly attempts exceeded” even though it’s the first time. It also shows no other options. Please help!

  3. i usually request desktop website to open the desktop version…mobile version of website shows very limited features…!!!

  4. Excellent. It works. Best of all, it allows FB messaging from the mobile browser, which was recently blocked in an attempt to force people onto the permissions-heavy Messenger app. Thanks for the tip.

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