How to Get Noticed on YouTube

In today post, you are going to learn how to get notified on YouTube in 2020.

Here are the tips that you need to follow in order to learn how to get your YouTube videos seen. All the points are really crucial. And they give a great exposure to your videos and channel.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Get Noticed on YouTube

1). Decide Your Channel Niche

The first point in our ‘how to get noticed on youtube’ list is, decide your channel niche.

This is one point that most of the newbie Youtubers avoid. And they fail miserably as a Youtube Creator. The major mistake that most people do on Youtube is, they first create a Youtube channel. And then they think, what to do now?

To get noticed on youtube, the content of the videos need to be of extremely high quality. And it’s only possible when the niche of the video is of your choice. If You are good at singing, but you create a channel which is cooking oriented. Then it’s not going to work.

So the first and the foremost thing is to figure out your interest. And then create a channel on that niche. If the niche of your videos will be of your interest, creating new videos every now and then will become fun for you.

Else, soon you will get bored of your work. And forget about getting noticed on Youtube, just creating the content will become a burden for you. So, follow the first point. And see the magic.

2). Build a Customized Channel

Once you are done selecting the channel niche, just move further. And create a Youtube channel. Creating a channel on Youtube is easy. And it doesn’t take anything other than a google account.

After the channel is created, just make sure the channel looks authentic and personalized. Try not to upload any random channel art and channel display. Instead, take help from a professional to create an appealing channel art and display.

The customised channel looks help your visitors recognize you as a brand. And they tend to trust you more.

Apart from creating a custom channel art and display, also consider adding the channel ‘About’. And write what your channel is about and more. But make sure to keep it simple and to the point. Also, add your social media profile links to your channel banner.

All these things don’t only make your visitor’s trust you. But they also make your channel look more professional. Now let’s move further to the next point!

3). Create Quality Videos

Do I need to tell any details about this point??

Content quality is the key to success, not just on Youtube but everywhere. It’s one of the most important factors on how to get noticed on youtube.

If you create low-quality videos and somehow manage to get views. Then also, the viewers will leave without watching the complete video. And watch time does matter in ranking a video. So try making the engaging videos to keep the audience hooked with your channel.

To create high quality and engaging contents, don’t just start the camera and start talking random things. Instead, you should create a script first. And practice well. Furthermore, also try to keep the script short, to the point, informative and entertaining.

Make sure the video length doesn’t exceed the 5 minutes length. Because 5-6 minute video length is considered to be ideal. Also, if possible, create an attractive setup for recording the videos. And gather the mandatory recording equipment like high-quality camera, microphone etc.

All these things matter allot. And help you create high quality and engaging contents!

4). Write Video Description, Title, and Tags with Caution

If you have ever been into blogging or video marketing, you must have heard of the term SEO. Search engine optimization is an important factor for ranking and banking a Youtube video.

To learn how to get noticed on youtube, you first need to learn the Youtube SEO. The Youtube SEO is a vast topic. And you can learn it thoroughly from various guides on the Internet.

But to make it precise, youtube SEO is all about optimizing video description, titles and tags in a way, that makes the videos comes top on the search engine.

There are very little points which you need to take care of. For instance, a video description must be precise. And it should include the main keyword two to three times. The titles of the video should be catchy. It should also include the main keyword for better ranking.

And for tags, you can refer to my previous comprehensive articles, which I’ve written on Youtube Tags.

5). Create Appealing Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the first thing viewers notice about your videos. And it gives the first impression of your video contents to the viewers.

If the Thumbnail of a video would be catchy, people will get eager to know what the video is about. And they won’t delay clicking on it. Once the video has been clicked, and the content is appealing, they will stick to the video till the last.

Most of the new video creators just randomly pick any thumbnail or keep it default. And fail to gain views.

Also, try to follow a similar thumbnail pattern in all your videos. It helps you build a different identity of yours. and build a brand.

So keep the video thumbnail really appealing to get your videos noticed.

6). Create Engaging Intro and Outro Clips in Videos.

This point is not of utter importance. But Intro and Outro clips do make a difference.

Appealing intro and Outro clips make your videos look more professional. And viewers tend to believe what you say.

I recommend don’t trust my words, and imagine yourself, instead. If there are two videos of a similar kind. And one starts with an appealing intro clip and ends on an outro clip. While the second video starts straight from the content?

Which video would you like more? So, do add a beautiful intro and outro clip on your videos in order to get noticed on youtube.

7). Share Videos on Social Media

The most important point on how to get your youtube channel noticed, is to share the videos on different platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr. And certainly, there are lots of other communities and social media platforms which have a great viewer base. Billions of people use such platforms on the regular basis.

And needless to say, These platforms can help you gain extreme popularity, exposure, and views. Many big Youtube channels rely completely on social media for gaining views and traffic to their videos.

So use these platform for promoting your videos and get your videos noticed.

8). Increase your Uploading Frequency

All the above 7 points are really important. And plays a vital role in getting our videos discovered. But THIS point is the most important factor in getting views and subscribers.

I’ve noticed that when we upload videos more frequently on the channel, Youtube gives more emphasis to our channel than the dead once. And in that order, our views comes more in the search engines.

Also, I’ve noticed if we upload videos with more frequency, our videos get featured more in the suggestion section as compared to other channels.

Moreover, none of us wants to subscribe to a channel which barely uploads any videos. So keeping that point as well we need to upload videos frequently, to get noticed.

Its pretty obvious, more content equals more views. And higher views means more subscribers plus higher engagement ratio. Besides uploading, also try to fix the schedule of video uploading. Upload the videos regularly on the time, when your viewers are most active.

The time can be 3 am in the noon or night. And follow the same timings every day. It impacts positively on your subscribers. And they will have the idea of when the new video is coming from you.

Now let’s move further to my next point on “how to get noticed on youtube” checklist.

9). Comment on Other Top Channels

Commenting on other top channels also helps you get noticed among the active audience.

When you often drop comments on the latest videos of the other top channels, there are pretty good chances that the people around will visit your channel to know more about you.

And if there will be good contents on your channel, perhaps they will subscribe you too as well. So commenting on the other top channels will give you a benefit of bringing the audience to your channel.

But it’s your content that can keep them hooked. If your channel is full of thin content, there are pretty low chances that they will come back!

10). Create Videos on the Trending Topics

If you have noticed, every successful content creator covers the trending topics on his channel. Whenever any person, news or sports is in trends, you witness new videos on the same topics everywhere.

And that’s what you also need to do. As a content creator, it’s your duty to serve what your viewers want to see. It doesn’t only benefit your viewers to know about the topic. But also, you get benefits of gaining views.

The trending topics get featured in the top segment of Youtube more, as compared to the evergreen topics. Once your any video gets viral or comes into trending, then there is no looking back.

11). Encourage Your Viewers to Engage on your Videos

Every Youtube expert always ask his/her viewers to like and share their videos.

Engaging with the audience is the best practice a Youtube can do to his viewers and himself. When the video is about to end, make sure you ask your viewers to leave their thoughts on the topic. And subscribe to your channel.

Also, ask them to like and share your videos. Videos with more likes and comments are noticed more. And people often trust such channels which have lots of subscribers.

I’m sure now you know how to get noticed on youtube. Now let’s move further to my next tip.

12). End your Videos on a High Note

If you want to know how to get noticed on youtube, make sure you take this point seriously.

Never end your videos on a dull note. Because just like starting, ending of the videos also makes a lot of difference.

I know a Youtuber, who ends his videos with a joke, which brings a smile on the face of viewers. And he has grown his channel quite faster, as compared to other people in the same niche.

Also, you need to give a call to action in the end of the video as mentioned in the above point. So make sure the end of the videos is interesting. If You can’t crack a joke in the end, at least end it on a high note.

13). Reply to the comments on Your Videos and Engage with Your Audience

To get noticed on Youtube, you need to engage with your audience.

Consider solving the viewer’s quarries. If possible, interact with the viewers more and more. And create a bond with them like a family. And in courtesy, they will help you grow your channel.

That’s the simplest way on how to get noticed on youtube, without putting much efforts. All you need to do is, just be active on your channel. Reply to the comments and create a personalized association with your viewers.

This way, the viewers will remember you and your channel by name. And they will shower their extreme love to you in terms of like, share and subscription.

14). Try to Collab with Other top Youtubers

The next point on how to get noticed on youtube is collaboration. It’s a very common youtube practice. And a win-win situation for everyone who includes in the collaboration.

Youtube Collaboration helps you connect to your fellow Youtubers in the same niche. And gives a great exposure to your videos.

If you don’t know, collaboration means reaching out to other fellow content creators. And featuring them on your videos and vice versa.

Collaboration is a great way to increase your audience reach and gain revelation. By Collaboration, you can reach out to the audience of fellow YouTubers. And they can also get benefits from your audience.

15). Learn from other top channels

Last but not the least, learn from the other popular channel in your niche.

It’s pretty obvious that if they are popular among the audience, they are famous for obvious reasons.

I’m not asking you to go and just copy them. All I’m saying is, visit their channel and observe, what’s different they are doing than you. What’s making them popular?? And get a quick idea of their working.

And implement all the tips on your channel in a different yet better way.

If you follow all the tips with perseverance, you will never ask again “how to get big on youtube”.


Youtube is the biggest video streaming platform. And billions of users, watch videos on Youtube on the regular basis. People use Youtube as the top medium for content marketing, brand building, and money making!

The benefits of getting popular on Youtube are high. And that’s the reason, many people are willing to know how to get noticed on youtube. Initially, there were very limited Youtube Creators. And the Competition was low.

But since youtube has becomes the leading video streaming platform, the number of Youtube creators has also increased. And it’s but obvious, when there are more people to create contents, the competition automatically increases.

For the same reason, I decided to come up with this topic. I’m sure, this article will help you learn, how to get noticed on youtube.

Do tell me in the comment section how did you like the article. And consider sharing this article with the needy once.

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