Top 10 Shopify Alternatives & Competitors for 2020

For those who are willing to build their own eCommerce store, we have brought down the top 10 Shopify alternatives to choose from. So stay with us until the end and we can assure you of getting the top Shopify Competitors.

While some people have tried Shopify for building their eCommerce store, many people still wonder what is Shopify. So for those, who don’t know about Shopify, let me tell you what it actually is.

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, that lets you build and manage your online stores. It’s a very clean and simple to use platform for creating online stores. Shopify has reported of having over 500,000 online stores running on their platform.

Despite Shopify is a highly reliable and recommended platform for creating and running online stores, it does have some drawbacks that lead people to abandon it. The problems with Shopify includes the lack of customization options, lack of design features and capabilities and a high share of credit card transaction (up to 2%) etc.

So if these reasons are causing you to ditch Shopify and look for Shopify alternatives, this article is going to be a big help.

Top 10 Shopify Alternatives

Shopify Alternatives

So here we go with our top 10 list of Shopify alternatives. The eCommerce platforms mentioned in the list are extremely intuitive, affordable and has a good reputation in the market.

The websites mentioned are in no particular order. To pick out the best one for you, you need to go through the detailed specifications of these and choose the best one out!

1. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is one of the very well-known e-commerce platforms. It’s affordable, clean and easy to use. If you are not very skilled into coding and looking for an eCommerce platform that has an easy to use Interface, you can Consider BigCommerce.

Bigcommerce offers several beautiful and responsive templates which you can choose from. Using these templates, you can create your desired online store in just a few click and give your business a great online exposure.

Besides that, Bigcommerce is highly customizable. With the help of a developer or by yourself, you can create your dream online store with BigCommerce without any hassle.


There are several other features that make Bigcommerce a relevant alternative to Shopify. The features include full-featured eCommerce CMS, support for multiple payment gateways, efficient inventory and order management, competitive price, secure payment options and so forth.

So as a whole, BigCommerce is a great Ecommerce platform for building and managing your online store. Bigcommerce is trustworthy! Over 100,000 online vendors have trusted Bigcommerce for running their online shops.

2. WooCommerce


If you already own a WordPress website and now planning to convert it into an online store, WooCommerce is the best solution you can think of.

With over 29,389,152 downloads, WooCommerce claims to be empowering over 28% of all the online stores running on the Internet. WooCommerce indeed is considered to be an alternative to Shopify but it’s different from Shopify in several ways.

While Shopify is a full-fledged eCommerce platform for creating and managing online shops, WooCommerce is an open source WordPress shopping cart plugin that can be integrated on already running WordPress websites.


WooCommerce is wildly popular among the WordPress users and offers several great features. Although, Woocommerce is free to download and install. But the free version is extremely basic. To add the additional features to your online store, you need to buy different WordPress plugins and add-ons from the WooCommerce store.

The features that make Woocommerce a great replacement for Shopify includes great customer support, security, flexible payment options, No monthly service charge, Mobile-friendliness and so on.

3. Pinnacle Cart


Pinnacle Cart is yet another very popular online store builder platform worldwide. Pinnacle was launched in 2004 and since then, it’s been rapidly growing as one of the leading eCommerce platforms.

Easy to use Interface, beautiful pre-build templates, the ability to connect to other leading business tools, good customer support etc are some of the key features in the list.

The stores built on Pinnacle Cart are Marketing focused. Thus, it helps you generate more sales, resulting in more revenue. There are about 30,000 successful stores running through Pinnacle cart.

Pinnacle Cart

If you are still confused about trying out Pinnacle Cart as your preferred eCommerce platform, you can opt for its 14-day free trial version. After trying it out, if you find it worthy, you can go premium anytime.

4. LemonStand


The next eCommerce platform in our list of Shopify alternatives is LemonStand. It’s a very beautifully designed platform for creating and managing online stores extremely seamless.

Apart from all the basic features like multiple payment options, no transaction fees, easy interface and inbuilt themes, LemonStand offers some of the very advanced features.

The features including Sales and conversion analytics, Advanced tax configuration and Customizable order workflows helps the vendors track their audiences and sales. If such features are utilized well, they help you obtain a quick growth in your business.


If you get to know what’s working for you and what’s not, you can quickly customize your store to attain maximum sales and can generate high revenue. Product ratings & reviews, Site-wide HTTPS,  Advanced SEO, Subscriptions & recurring orders, Real-time carrier shipping rates etc are some other features in the list!

LemonStand offers around 95 different payment gateways that work extremely great in over 100 countries. These features make LemonStand ‘eCommerce platforms for the world wide’.

By Summing up all this information, we can easily conclude that LemonStand does make a great Shopify alternative and can at least be given a try!

5. 3dcart


3dcart is an all-in-one software that is there to fulfill all your eCommerce needs. It’s a very easy to use and popular eCommerce platform which is one of the top Shopify alternatives.

3dcard is a feature rich eCommerce website builder which is enriched with so many advanced features that make it stand out of the crowd. Online stores created on 3dcart are responsive, reliable, secure, scalable and Affordable.

3dcart has about 50 ready to use templates, which makes building an online store a matter of few clicks. The theme templates provided on 3dcart are not only beautiful but mobile ready and SEO friendly.


Apart from this, 3dcart lets you Sync your products for sale on different social and even big shopping website like eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook and more.

Besides offering all the basic features offered by most of the e-Commerce websites, 3dcard offers some very advanced and exceptional features that make 3dcart one of the top eCommerce platforms in the industry.

6. Ecwid


Like WooCommerce, Ecwid is also not a full-fledged eCommerce Platform but an eCommerce widget. If you already have got a website and not willing to pay for building an individual eCommerce store, Ecwid is something which can aid you!

Ecwid is a trustworthy platform and relatively cheaper than most of the other Shopify alternatives mentioned in the list! To integrate Ecwid on your already established website, you just need to embed the given code on your website.

Ecwid is the best fit for those, who have very limited items to sell. In fact, it’s absolutely free to use to sell up to 10 items on your website. Ecwid has over a million customer worldwide, which represents the reliability of Ecwid.


Ecwid has a reach in about 175 countries and it supports about 50 languages and multi currency. Not to mention, all the basic features are already there Ecwid along with the real-time shipping integration.

7. Volusion


The next up we have is Volution. This eCommerce platform is powered with all the standard features along with some advanced once. Volution is an all in one solution for all your eCommerce needs.

It’s an eCommerce store builder along with a marketing hub which is market ready. If none of the above platforms have satisfied you so far, you can give Volution a try. Like most of the eCommerce platforms, Volution also offers a free 14-day trial to give you a quick idea on its working.

The features of Volusion includes 24/7 customer support including phone, chat, and email, Unlimited product options, No transaction fees, built-in SEO management, responsive themes etc.


As per the claim by Volution, over 185 million orders have been placed on Volution so far and over $26 billion have been spent by the shoppers. And it’s serving over 180,000 entrepreneurs for running their online business successfully.

8. Square Space


Squarespace is yet another E-commerce platform which is not limited to creating online stores only. To be more specific, Squarespace a website builder which empowers businesses, artists, musicians etc to showcase their online presence.

Millions of websites are currently running on Squarespace including eCommerce stores. Like most of the e-Commerce websites mentioned in this list, Squarespace also offers all the features that you want in your eCommerce platform.

From the intuitive interface to advance customization options, there are many features offered by Square Space that makes it one of the best Shopify alternatives.

Square Space

End to end security, Mobile friendliness, sales optimizations, payment options flexibility, efficient shipping and order management system etc are some of the key features, that makes Squarespace one of the leading Online Builders.

Besides that, Squarespace never limits the number of products or services to be sold in your store. This feature of Squarespace makes it a great fit for the businesses of all kind. Whether you are a small business, medium or a large enterprise, Squarespace can be a good Shopify alternative for you!

9. Wix eCommerce


Unlike Shopify, Wix is not solely an eCommerce service provider. In fact, Wix offers all kind of website building services with advanced customization options just like Squarespace.

To create and host your website on Wix, you don’t really have to be a tech savvy. It offers easy drag n’ drop feature for creating websites with just a few clicks. To make website building task even easier, there are lots of designer-made templates to choose from.

With offerings of beautiful galleries, mobile optimization, Domains, a very big image collection, Secure hosting, Search Engine Optimization and 24/7 customer support etc, Wix does makes a prominent Shopify alternative.

Wix eCommerce

Creating and managing your eCommerce website on Wix won’t cost you much time, money or efforts. It’s extremely seamless to be work with. So if you haven’t found your desired store yet, we would recommend you to give it a shot. Here is a complete guide for creating Online Stores with WixStores easily.

10. CoreCommerce


The last eCommerce website we have is CoreCommerce. It’s yet another Shopify alternative which more or less offers almost the similar features.

CoreCommerce is extremely reliable SaaS eCommerce platform that provides you with advanced features for your e-commerce needs. The interface of CoreCommerce is user-friendly and it’s highly customizable.

There are 100s of beautiful and responsive themes offered by Corecommerce which make Online store building extremely quick and total fun. And the best part is, all the themes are completely free.

If none of the themes seem suitable to you, there is still an option to get your desired theme by getting it personally customized by their developers. Some of the other key features of CoreCommerce are multiple payment options, SEO ready, mobile friendliness, security, quick customer support and more!


Besides these 10 Shopify alternatives, you can also try out PrestaShop, BigCartel as your preferred eCommerce platform, as these are also trustworthy and offers great features.

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


Shopify, however, is one of the top eCommerce platforms on the web but it doesn’t always fit the bill in every circumstance. If something is best for someone, that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for the other person as well.

Everyone has different requirements. Some people might want to look for Shopify alternatives because their requirements are higher than what Shopify offers. At the same time, Some people could ditch Shopify because their needs for building their eCommerce are extremely low.

In that case, they can opt for a cheaper company with limited options instead of paying for Shopify. So depending upon the needs, the definition of best keeps changing. I hope the above list of Shopify alternatives must have given you the idea of top eCommerce platforms in the industry which suits you the most!

For any doubts, queries or suggestions, you can fill out the below comment box and drop us your feedback. We love hearing back from our readers!

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