13 Sites Like Fiverr to Make More Money Online

Here is a list of best freelance sites like Fiverr to get online jobs and earn money in 2020.

In addition, you can use these websites to hire someone and get your work done within a duration.

Let’s dig deeper.

Top 10 Sites Like Fiverr for 2020

1. SEOClerks

Website: https://www.seoclerk.com/

SEOClerks is a true alternative to Fiverr.

It is dedicated to SEO services. If you have expertise in SEO, you can make good money using this platform by offering services like link building, on-page optimization, keyword research, YouTube video optimization, and many more.

To start making money with SEOClearks, register your account. Don’t worry, it is free to join.

Once you finish registration, verify your account by clicking email and login. After then go to “Seller”=>”Sell”=>”Sell a Service”.  Use attention-grabbing images and titles to make your services attractive to buyers.

In starting, you can offer cheap prices to get feedback from clients in no time. So that people can trust you and order from you. Always provide the best services for getting good feedback and five start rating from clients. It helps a lot in gaining more orders.


In fact, you can also use their affiliate program to earn 10% commission of all orders. If you have a blog, you can write articles about SEOClearks and also share direct affiliate links with your social media followers.

When comes to payment processing, SEOClerks keep 20% commission fee on every successful transaction. Yes, if your client pays you $10, then you will get $8 in your wallet.

If you are looking for a place like Fiverr to buy cheap SEO services, then SEOClerks can be a good replacement.

Key points every buyer should consider while buying.

  • Seller Star Rating
  • Review of other buyers
  • Always ask for a sample
  • Avoid buying backlinks if you don’t know sources.

Supported payment methods are PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin.

Why are you waiting? Join now by following this link and start making money online.

2. Upwork

Website: https://www.upwork.com/

With over 12 million registered freelancers and five million registered clients, the Upwork is one of the prominent freelancing websites.

Upwork was formally known as Odesk and with its merger to the other leading freelancing website Elance, it was renamed to Up work on December 18, 2013. There are hundreds of job categories available on Upwork where you can offer your services and begin to earn on the Upwork.


Upwork is extremely reliable and its Interface is remarkably intuitive.  Every year about 3 million jobs are posted on Upwork and about 3500 skills are promoted here, so there are pretty fair chances for about anyone to get jobs on Upwork matching their skills.

There are Upwork live chats, messages where the freelancer and employers can communicate with each other to understand each other’s need. After completion of the job, freelancer gets paid via the direct transfer or the wired transfer.

Unlike Fiverr, there is no any limitations and fixation on the amount you get for completion of the jobs you have been hired for. The amount depends on the work need and Upwork keeps 20% of your first $500 and 10% of the remaining $500. You can understand more details after reading depth Upwork review.

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Website: https://www.truelancer.com/

Truelancer is another one of the best sites like Fiverr. Its database consist of over 1million freelancers.

Alike Fiverr, it too allows hiring and offering services in almost all the digitally-deliverable categories on the planet. This includes graphic designing, web designing/developing, app development, voice-overs, translation services and a lot more.

The freelancers also can be hired based on their location. Truelancer acts as a mediator and escrow service, making sure both the parties fulfil their ends of the bargain to its fullest extent.

Fiverr alternaitve


The following modes of deposit are currently available- Credit/Debit cards, Bank transfers/ Netbanking, and PayPal. There’s no fee for the buyer/employer, however, any and all transaction charges sure do apply.

These charges may be as high as 3.9% + $0.32/transaction for International credit cards, or completely free such as in the case of Bank transfers.

For sellers, a fee of 8-10% on their services is incurred. Additionally, transaction charges apply depending on the mode of withdrawal. Modes of withdrawal include Payoneer, Bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer Bank transfers, and PayPal.

There are 3 membership plans in addition to the free plan for freelancers each priced at $5.00/month, $10.00/month and $50.00/month. They affect the service fee, no. of allowed proposals, withdrawal-delays, listings etc.

It also has iOS and Android apps for getting things done on the move.

4. PeoplePerHour

Website: http://www.peopleperhour.com/

People per hour is our next pick in the top 10 sites like Fiverr. It was launched about a decade ago and since then it’s doing great and has gained more popularity over the time. PeopleperHour works as a bridge between the freelancers and the employers who want to connect to each other in order to sell and buy digital services respectively.

PeoplePerHour has several work categories ranging from logo designing, wedding card designing, content writing, website development and more. As a freelancer, you can browse through these categories and apply for the job you think can do justice with.

Or as a job employer, you can post a job mentioning your requirements and related freelancers will get notified about it. Soon after you will see several proposals from talented experts ready to do your project.

After selecting the best freelancer, you can start working with them by paying the down payment. It’s that simple. PeoplePerHour doesn’t keep a big share from your earning but only 3.5% of the sales you have accomplished through their website.

5. Freelancer

Website: http://www.freelancer.com/

With over 12,203,064 Total Jobs Posted and 24,848,463 Registered Users, Freelancer is one of the very popular freelancing sites like Fiverr which connects talented freelancers from around 247 countries to the people who are willing to outsource digital services.

On Freelancer, employees from any part of the world can hire freelancers to accomplish their given task belonging to any category ranging from software development, writing, data entry, designing, sciences, sales, marketing, accounting and any other legal services.

Freelancer is very trusted and dependable freelancing website which is very popular among the businesses and freelancers for hiring and getting hired respectively for the given jobs.

Time tracker, 24/7 support, chat availability, the vast variety of job categories, trusted payments are some of the other features of the Freelancer.

Getting started with Freelancer is free but you get charged 10% share of your earnings via Freelancer. But you can reduce this share percentage by becoming a premium member of Freelancer.

6. Guru

Website: http://www.guru.com/

Guru is yet another very popular freelance website and a great alternative to Fiverr. The Guru is in the industry for many years now and it has been one of the very trusted networks for providing freelancing jobs.

The freelancers offering their services on Guru are called Gurus and as per the claim by the website, Guru has paid over $200 Million to the gurus so far. Besides that, over 1 Million jobs have been completed on guru and it has a big user base of around 1.5 Million members worldwide.

Moreover, there are more 3,400,000 jobs categories available to choose from where you can serve your skills to the desired clients and make some additional cash online.

The guru has over 100,000 work collections which you can explore and have an idea about the work that’s required on the Guru. Additionally, the interface of Guru is also very intuitive.

Finding the skilled freelancer and getting the job done on Guru is extremely easy and same implies to the freelancers. Freelancers on Guru can browse through the several jobs available on the website very easily, bid for them and can get paid for their work in the secure environment.

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7. Toptal

Website: http://www.toptal.com/

The next up we have is Toptal. It’s one of leading freelancing websites out there which offers utmost quality on the projects done on Toptal. Toptal basically offers services from three categories including software development, designing, and finance.

Toptal indeed doesn’t offer many categories like Fiverr and other sites like Fiverr, but the freelancer’s network on Toptal in the mentioned categories is so highly proficient and reliable.

To ensure the maximum quality, Toptal is very selective for the freelancers and out of all the applications of freelancers submitted to the Toptal, only 3% get qualified to work on Toptal.

That’s why many big companies rely on Toptal for their software development, finance, and design related needs. Some of the features that make Toptal one of the best freelance websites across includes endurance to deliver the high-quality work, zero risks and 100% user satisfaction, painless communication etc.

So you can consider Toptal without any doubt to outsource services from skilled freelancers or to get freelancing jobs in the mentioned categories. But consider Toptal as a freelancing website if and only if, you have got high skills in the desired field.

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8. Project4Hire

Website: https://www.project4hire.com/

The next popular mention among sites like Fiverr is Project4Hire. Unlike most of the mentioned websites on the list, Project4Hire doesn’t offer a long list of categories. On contrary, it basically emphasizes on the freelance programmers, IT specialists, web developers, graphic artists, writers, virtual assistants, HR consultants etc.

The secure communication option between the freelancer and the employer, the secure and timely payments are some of the reasons that make Project4Hire one of the top sites like Fiverr.

Rest of the working of Project4Hire is quite similar to other freelancing websites and there is nothing much to mention about.

9. Microworkers

Website: https://microworkers.com/

“Work and Earn or offer a micro job” is what the tagline of Microworkers says. Microworkers, like any other freelancing website, let the freelancers and employers connect to each other fulfilling each other’s need.

Microworkers has over 700,000 freelancers who are there to bid and accomplish the posted jobs on the websites. The interface of Microworkers is seamless and its working is quite similar to most of the sites like Fiverr mentioned in the list.

The tasks posted on Microworkers include data mining, data tagging, data matching, data categorization, data labeling, sentiment analysis, event sequencing, transcription, content comparison, surveys, research studies, content evaluation, application testing and more!

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10. WorkNHire

Website: http://worknhire.com/

WorkNhire gives the opportunity to the talented freelancers from across the world to get the micro jobs and provides the small business and individual officials with the opportunity to connect to the freelancers who can get their jobs done in the given time with utmost perfection.

Posting a job on WorkNhire and joining as a freelancer is completely free but you get to pay a 5% share on your earning to WorkNhire and the sharing percentage varies as per your membership plans and other terms and conditions mentioned on their website. You can know all these terms on the official website.

Any freelancers having expertise in PHP programming, java development, data entry sales and marketing, finance and accounting, game development, content writing etc can join WorkNhire and earn good money online.

11. Crowd Spring

Website: http://www.crowdspring.com/

If you are looking for sites like Fiverr that are designing oriented, you can consider Crowd Spring without any second thought! Crowd Spring is not a very old freelancing website with millions of members but still, it is a considerable one.

CrowdSpring is basically a creativity based website which gives the designers across the world an opportunity to get connected to the businesses and individuals who want to hire skilled designers from various categories to get their job done.

The crowd spring has several work categories ranging from Logo Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Print Design, Packaging Design, Company Name and 44 other design and writing categories. Besides that, CrowdSpring provides a 100% money back guaranty in the case of client dissatisfaction.

Apart from these 10 websites like Fiverr, you can also go for DesignCrowd, FiverUp, Hired and certainly there are many others. The work style of all these sites is pretty similar with little difference in Payout, website Interface, and user base.

But if that difference wasn’t there, there is no point looking for other Fiverr like sites, isn’t it?  Anyways, we have now reached the end of the article and its time for us to wrap it up!

12. 99 Designs

Website: https://99designs.com/

If your project-requirements, or skills are even remotely related to “designing” (both graphics & code-dependent), you can’t find a better platform to get your project done, or offer your services than 99Designs. Or I must say it is a good Fiverr replacement for you.

99Designs is the hub for all things “design”. This includes but isn’t limited to Logos, WordPress themes, App designs, Business cards, Product packaging, Book covers, Posters, conversion-boosting emails, Landing pages, Infographic, T-shirt designs etc.

It also offers two different “hiring-processes”. You can either find individual designers directly, or start a contest. The latter generally is a lot more expensive, but gets you designs from over 90 most skilled designers on the planet. Options, lot’s of options.

If you go the more traditional route of finding a designer manually, 99Designs offers tons of filters to find exactly who you’re looking for. You can filter by category, industries, designer level and languages.

The company runs a pretty tight ship. Designers are only offered 2 chances to apply for a freelancer account, and after the first rejection they must wait 365 days before being able to apply again. This makes sure employers get access to the most skilled professionals on the planet.

The fee depends on the type of project and “designer level” of the freelancer. For 1-to-1 projects, buyers pay a 5% “platform fee” and the designers pay 15%. The 1-to-1 projects’ platform fee remains the same for buyers, however decreases to 10% for “Mid-level” designers and 5% for “Top-level” designers.

Payments are processed via PayPal and Payoneer. The latter allows withdrawals via Debit cards, Bank transfers and direct deposits.

13. FiverUP

Website: http://www.fiverup.com/

Fiverrup is the yet another alternative to Fiverr. And it holds extreme similarity to Fiverr in terms of interface, price range and of course the name. The price range of FiverUp lies between $4 to $100.

If you have been using Fiverr to offer freelancing services or to hire people for your digital jobs, you won’t find any difficulty in understanding the working of Fiverup.

There are all the popular Job categories available on Fiverup like most of the websites mentioned. Some of the categories are Writing, Advertising, Graphics and design, music, audio, technology and so forth.

Besides that, there are several filter options provided by Fiverup like popularity, price range, ratings etc, that makes it really easy for the freelancers to discover their desired jobs.

All in all, it’s one of the great freelancing websites which you must consider for buying and selling digital services.


Fiverr is immensely popular and has a great users base due to the variety of services offered on it and the integrity. The interface of Fiverr is pretty neat, the services offered there are reasonable and there is no fuss in getting the payments.

Probably, that’s the reason Fiverr is leading the freelancing marketplace. But due to its popularity, Fiverr is highly competitive and getting work orders on Fiverr is not easy. Besides that, people also look for other websites like Fiverr because they want to explore more and don’t want to depend on just Fiverr for their income.

Well, whatever the reason is, if you are looking for Fiverr alternatives to make money online, this article can turn out to be a handy source for you as we have mentioned top 10 sites like Fiverr in this article.

For any doubts or queries, you can drop us a comment below.

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